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  1. ACORN sues federal gov't over loss of funding

    The Black Hole
    In many ways, this sums up much of what is wrong in this country today: ACORN Sues Over 'Unconstitutional' Funding Cuts By Congress And we all know how this will end. The entitlement mentality has completely overtaken virtually every aspect of life in this country. It's pathetic.
  2. The US Gov't Has Found The Solution To Our Electric Vehicle Woes!

    Anything Auto
    Fisker's goal of becoming profitable by 2011 received a shot in the arm today thanks to the U.S. Energy Department's announcement that the upstart automaker will receive a $528.7 million conditional loan. The DOE says the loan, "will create or save about 5,000 jobs for domestic parts suppliers."...
  3. I hate the Kalifornian Monar... I Mean Gov't.

    The Black Hole
    LOS ANGELES - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is trying to quell the escalating debate over who should pick up the estimated $1.4 million tab for police, traffic control and other services related to Michael Jackson's memorial service. Villaraigosa, who was vacationing in South Africa a week ago...
  4. Would you let the gov't modify your new car to collect a tax?

    Anything Auto
    It's hard to understand how this particular idiotic idea even made it to the test stage. Will a mileage tax replace the gas tax? Ugh. :mad:
  5. I thought republicans were anti Big Govt. Some one should tell Santorum that.

    The Black Hole
    Senator Santorum seems to be looking to make the government just a bit bigger at least. Just big enough to make sure companies profit at people's expense (shocker) EFF link It seems he'd like to limit a tax payer funded agency from providing the tax payers with information so that companies...
  6. British govt. questioned validity of Iraq war ...

    The Black Hole
    Interesting and sad. Impossible to tell Labour from Tory now. Memos Show British Fretting Over Iraq War By THOMAS WAGNER Associated Press Writer LONDON - When Prime Minister Tony Blair's...
  7. Can't the gov't invest in SS just as easily as individuals?

    The Black Hole
    Why can't the gov't invest Social Security funds into the same accounts private individuals will be using to make so much more for future retirees. Why do we need to convert the system to realize this benefit? Tell me if this is a dumb question, because I'm wondering why more people aren't...
  8. Bahahaha.... Finally! the Gov't is banning Altezza Lights!

    Anything Auto Who knew that government had taste. Wondering if they're still gonna show that pep boys commertial where the gangsta goes, I got them APC Eurotails, full body kit, carbo fiber hood......... :-P