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  1. the shutdown of the Federal government was months and months in the planning...

    The Black Hole
    from here, a good description of how the Republican Party activists have planned and schemed to shut down the Federal government in order to discredit Obama and defund the ACA. do you think Cruz's wannabe filibuster was adhoc? do you like being held hostage to the whims of a small faction bent...
  2. Labour Party adopt dictator style government

    The Black Hole
    i know it doesnt concern americans but with all the commotion thats going on right now in euorope none of the media has noticed the labour party turning into nazis.they think that journalists should have licenses so that they cant write upsetting stories, or in other words if they disagree with...
  3. Canadian government auctioning off Porsche race car

    Anything Auto
    Government Surplus Porsche Road Racer for the amusing Bring a Trailer lead in and some good comments Public Works and Government Services Canada to see numerous photos of the car and to bid.
  4. Next time you get pissed at the government, read this...

    The Black Hole So, the next time you feel the urge to say that the other guy's policies will destroy the nation, step back and consider how much of an impact does government policy really have.
  5. Flourish or Fail? Government Motors unveils it's "City Car"

    Anything Auto Is it any wonder why this company was failing? This design created about 10 years ago. This is simply a larger, encapsulated Segway. FAIL!
  6. Looks like another government entitlement!

    The Black Hole
    How do we keep doing this? Bush added the Medicare Prescription Drug Program and now Obama/Dems are going to enact another that is going to add to the deficit. Before any of you claim that the CBO numbers show it would reduce the deficit, that was before the "doctor fix" is added. Once that is...
  7. WTF? Now the government wants to fine the uninsured?

    The Black Hole WTF is this? This is part of his "health care plan"? So now the government wants to force people into big insurances pockets.
  8. Government acting like banks?

    The Black Hole
    You would think they would AT LEAST bother to check and see if some of these companies they are handing over BILLIONS to are up to date on taxes..... but nooooo And they are going resolve ALL America's...
  9. How will the government stimulus plan affect you? the breakdown

    The Black Hole
    here it is broken down
  10. More Unnecessary Government Involvement

    The Black Hole
    More Unnecessary Government Involvement - Free Wireless for All Americans! FCC Head Wants Free Nationwide Wireless Internet Access This is just bizarre to me. First, why does the government feel compelled to offer "free" wireless internet to all Americans? Is this a right now as well? This...
  11. The Government is lying about 9/11

    The Black Hole
    I really don't believe this but dumb dick is dragging the 9/11 tribute thread OT so I started this for anyone who want to debate the truth behind 9/11 with his dumb ass.
  12. Government may soon take over troubled mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae, Freddie Ma

    The Black Hole
    this aint good....
  13. Your government at work.

    The Black Hole By the way, this is amnesty. Don't these losers remember 1986?
  14. Personal vs. Government responsibility for safety

    The Black Hole
    There just seems to have been more incidents in the past year or so that have me wondering why people who put themselves in dangerous positions expect someone to come rescue them when bad things eventually, or predictably happen. Such as: Climbing Mt Hood in a blizzard, getting stuck and...
  15. Canadian government's pot markup 1,500%

    The Black Hole
    This should get both conservatives and liberals pissed: Source:
  16. Government continues to screw military personnel

    The Black Hole
    Quit asking if our citizens support our troops, does our government that sends them into harm's way give a damn? We already know about the fiascoes regarding armor and other equipment for our troops heading to Iraq, but this was in a technology editorial today (InformationWeek Daily) discussing...
  17. Your feelings on our government invading YOUR privacy?

    The Black Hole IMO this is BS, the Dept should be cancelled and those that came up with the idea and made it work procecuted!!! Also keep in mind that this is something that we know about....what about the shit we DON'T know about. I keep...
  18. Secret Code in Color Printers Lets Government Track You

    The Black Hole
    Secret Code in Color Printers Lets Government Track You Tiny Dots Show Where and When You Made Your Print San Francisco - A research team led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently broke the code behind tiny tracking dots that some color laser printers secretly hide in every...
  19. Our government apologizes for WW2 mistakes.

    The Black Hole Does this mean that there will be apologies for Iraq......gas prices.......slow response to disasters etc etc in 2080???? :lol: Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  20. Government Says Terrorists May Use Lasers

    The Black Hole
    Maybe it's time to call in Austin Powers... :weirdo: Government Says Terrorists May Use Lasers 51 minutes ago By CURT ANDERSON, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - Terrorists may seek to...