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  1. GOP Convention Romney Presidential Nomination Acceptance

    The Black Hole
    On live now. Didn't watch the whole thing, I started right before Clint Eastwood came on. Will give my review once it finishes, but so far I am shaking my head... :crazy:
  2. GOP Presidential candidates - let's stir the pot, shall we?

    The Black Hole
    let me see if I have this one straight...I've been waiting for some of you guys to start this one up, since we're way into the Presidential policital season. we have several who all feel like they are entitled to be elected, or at least entitled to be the GOP candidate. Bachmann's virtual...
  3. RNC Chairman: GOP F'd up after Reagan

    The Black Hole which....btw... leads to: Michael Steele: GOP won't win House
  4. Why was the GOP "America" tribute thread closed?

    The Black Hole
    There didn't appear to be anything particularly divisive going on in there, and I was hoping it might lead to an interesting discussion of differences between the D and R conventions. Anyone want to shed light on this one?
  5. The GOP "America" tribute I noticed something.

    The Black Hole
    I keep hearing that the Republican party is trying to capture the minority, putting out a message that minorities should not feel any obligation to the democratic party. but as I watched the video tribute "America" I couldnt help but notice as they flashed images of great leaders past, Reagan...
  6. GOP serves pink slip to Iraqi Fraud Oversite

    The Black Hole
    So the GOP votes against legislation to outlaw war profiteering in IRaq and now they've taken the next step to help eliminate oversite into fraud and waste occurring in Iraq. This is precisely why we are "staying the course" and moving "full speed ahead". Any talking points out there that...