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  1. New Member Introductions
    Not sure if this is my first post, but just have to say how much I appreciate the knowledgeable Passat guys here. Two days ago my 2000 Passat wagon turn signals quit working completely. I came here this morning (took me a day to figure out password) and boom, search found others with the issue...
  2. Parts For Sale
    decided to put it on my daughter's car...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I took my car in to the dealer to check on excessive road noise and a rough transmission shift from first to second. Turns out I had three bad wheel bearings and a bad transmission valve body. It took three days to get may car back - one day to wait for the valve body part. They also did two...
  4. Parts For Sale
    All gone
  5. Parts For Sale
    OK, so I have a set of R36 side skirts that I purchased for my wife's B6 but she said no... Looks like there is no B6 for me in the near future so I would like to get rid of them. They cost me pretty penny to get them here accross the pond but what am I going to do... They are used but not...
  6. Anything Auto
    Hey gents and ladies, just curious how many of us on this fine site follow Autoblog. As a mechanical engineering student who intends to venture into the automotive sector I have started to follow this thing like a religion. The last couple years have been craaaazzzzyyyy. There is just so much...
  7. B5 Garage
    so, this is exciting. b5.5 1.8T 5spd; for all those curious. earlier, my steering angle sensor had been reporting a -700 degree angle at dead center with a good alignment. the causes likely lead back to me replacing my steering rack earlier this year and maybe a thing or two that the dealership...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    All of eight days ago, I posted a DIY on removing the stock antenna base and installing a sharkfin. The install is weatherproof and looks good (to me - hey, it's my car) ...but the reception is lacking. On the advice of forum mod and audio god (shit, I'm rhyming) Quality_Sound, I went for a...
  9. B5 Garage
    Started the car today and a nice plume of blue smoke came out the tailpipe, the rest of the day the car smelled like burning oil. I saw a couple small clouds when I accelerated off the line.. There is excess crankcase pressure, so I assume that PCV system must be clogged, can someone point me...
  10. The Showroom
    post em up.. dont post if you have lame OEM wheels, or LesSchwab specials :thumbup:
  11. The Showroom
    Votex front lip and rear hatch spoiler painted and installed. Decided to paint the front lip black textured as I wanted it to look OEM-ish, and flow with the OEM skirts and rear as I have no intention of painting those evar. Turned out amazing! Texture is almost perfect to OEM touch and look...
  12. Anything Auto
    More pics of the S5, I love this car. Courtesy of Audizine. MTM Rims. Fit the MTM Supercharged RS4 better, but I wouldn't kick it out of bed: Questionable A5 body kit but still looks good. This one has been posted up a few times already, but think these are new pics:
  13. The Showroom
    Hmmmmm....what's this? :whistle: Uh-oh......:icon_eek: FINALLY! :D I was finally able to check the box on "Stop it" ("Drop it" and "Chip it" have been done for awhile now). Upgraded to RPI Equipped's 13" two piston caliper, floating disc BBK, with SS lines. Not thinking...
  14. The Showroom
    In case you wanted more:lol:
  15. The Showroom
    so i got the wheels on yesterday and wanted to get at least a few shots. :beer: they are 19 x 8.5/9.5 A.M.E. shallen ax's...i still have to adjust the coils to get the drop just right. VIP stylez. thanks for looking :thumbup:
1-16 of 20 Results