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    I was just thinking about some pretty sick thoughts of possibly putting bronze or gold rims on my black Passat! I don't know...I look at bimmers and what not and I see that they don't look that terrible. What do you guys think!? Is it possible to pull gold on black? I ain't even talking...
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    Anybody who has used one of these noticed how tight the clearance and position of the installed filter relative to the motor mount? I put one on today but removed it and went with the large Mann filter. There was only 3/16-1/4" clearance when installed for the Napa and I just don't think...
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    :eek: Alright I have 2 sets of these beautiful wheels. BBS LM's :eek: 18x8 and 18x11 BBS LM's Gold Centers 5x130 bolt pattern, and I do have 5x100 adaptors but I'm keeping them. You can buy them used here or new online. They have no tires but if you are curious I'd run a 235/40/18 on the...
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    it's an older amp, i can score one for cheap, i just cant seem to find any specs on it. anyone know about it? i need it to run 2 10" subs
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    Don't ask me cause i don't know! :icon_eek:
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    Will it fit? I have a 98' B5. From Tire Rack, the size of wheels and tires will fit. But I am not sure if there is any details that I should know...(before buying). Things like fitting brakes, shocks, etc. Thanks in advance.
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    1 used Phoenix Gold ZX400Ti stereo/mono amplifier in excellent condition with original box and paperwork. $130.00 shipped (compared to $230.00 w/o shipping on eBay). Please add 3.25% for PayPal. 1 new Phoenix Gold Ti600.2 stereo/mono amplifier sealed in original box with paperwork. $270.00...
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    I have 2 quality car audio items. These have been in the closet since for a year, ever since I installed my CarPC and JL setup. Spring is here and I'm sure someone could use this stuff so here it goes: First up is an Alpine CDA-7995 head unit. Its in awesome condition. I have the manual...
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    please dont blame me for asking such dume question :) , did a search on the forums, and I didnt see a post mentioned where I can purchase this filter, please help :bowdown:
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    Solid amp, in excellent condition. No cosmetic blemishes. 500x1 into 4 or 2ohms 125x2 into 4ohms 250x2 into 2ohms 2 ohms stable (mono or stereo) 24 db low pass crossover 45hz bass boost (up to 18db) Will throw in Stinger 8g wiring for free. $150. Stinger .5 Capacitor for only $30 more (Black)
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    what do you guys think about this speaker is it good or what .it is a 12inch comp.
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    Bought a Napa Gold filter a while back and recently changed my oil with Mobil One 0w40. Well supposedly with the big ass 1333 you are able to use 5 quarts, at least that was the case on my 01 Jetta. I drained the oil, removed the old filter and let it sit. About 15 minutes later I go back...
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    Yep, that dreaded gold package available ONLY at your local cheesy dealership. Saw a Mk4 Jetta with the front and rear gold package on my way to work. How disgusting. :puke: 10x over.
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    what would you recommend in terms of phoexni gold products.. i may be able to get a good price on there items and am wondering what you audio peps would suggest i run in my car. 2001.5 b5.5 passat four door
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    My Soundstream Ref 705 is finally giving up. Has anyone used the PG Tantrum amplifiers? I'm used to Class A, but doubt there is an audible difference for anything below 100Hz. I was looking at the 1200.1 for sub use only. I also believe this is a Class T? WTF is a class T. I haven't purchased...
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    Well as you all know warranty gold isn’t paying anything for account holders of pre July 03. I had 1 claim during that period of $800 for 1 control arm. The plan was about $1300. In the last two months I could have used it on a new throttle body and water pump housing but will have to pay those...
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    ... your policy may run into some problems: :(
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    fs: alpine cva1005, dvdmp3 player, rockford+phoenix gold+kenwood amp, hids &more hey guys forgot to mention i have a bunch of audio for sale and a friend of mine (vw owner) has a bunch of stuff also... My stuff: Alpine cva-1005 tv headunit $800 (retails for 1300) Farenheit DVD/MP3 player...