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  1. :: ECS Tuning :: From Humble Origins to a Global Presence !!!

    USA - Central
    ECS Tuning early days. One block at a time, the new home of the new business rises from an empty field in Norton, Ohio. Initially, the building had room for only two bays and a multipurpose office and storage area. Learn more about us - Here Thanks for the years of support - Here to serve...
  2. Changing Radiator Coolant to Peak Global Coolant???

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I just changed out several parts in the front end of a 2006 Passat (ac condenser, inter cooler for the 2.0T, among other parts such as the rad support, etc). The coolant I drained was pink. Peak has out the Global Anti freeze "good for all makes and models" coolant. Has anyone used this in their...
  3. Any experience with Concord or Global Window Tint Film?

    Anything Auto
    Our local Living Social is having a special on window tint ($87 for a 4-door sedan). I'm thinking of finally getting my 2001.5 Passat tinted (probably 40 or 50%). They use these two brands: Concord and Global. Any experience with them? Is $87 a decent price? I know nothing about tint...
  4. ebay seller to avoid global automotive

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    global automotive sell crap, do not buy anything from these con artists, a couple of years ago they were selling counterfiet fuel pumps!! now its oxygen sensors amongst other things, i made the mistake of buying a cheap (it turned out to be counterfiet) o2 sensor, would not work. there response...
  5. Global Take on the President Elect

    The Black Hole
    Interesting. I was looking at some of these this AM just from different language Google news sites but just ran across this article. While I personally feel we just put another same old major party candidate in place (albeit with more intelligence and charm), it is nice to see that the rest of...
  6. Man-made Global Warming?

    The Black Hole What are we going to do to stop this? We need action NOW! :lol:
  7. Global Warming........burrrrrr!

    The Black Hole Uh, oh, sounds like we made a boo-boo. In addition, 2007 is set to be cooler than 2006. I guess all the talk about man-made global warming has caused some positive changes. So far the IPCC has not corrected their...
  8. Why Global Warming isn't really happening

    The Black Hole's because the Bush Administration wants it that way...... This explains those few scientists (and the talking heads who cite them) who say Global warming isn't really happening.....
  9. An interesting series of articles on Global Warming...

    The Black Hole
    ... in Technology Review Magazine, July/August 2006. Special Report: Its Not Too Late - The energy technologies that might forestall global warming already exist
  10. Has there really been a honest debate about global warming?

    The Black Hole Before several of you come out screaming (typing actually), notice he is not denying global warming. Instead he questions our contributions, how much we can change it, and how long it will last. He is also really questioning how this debate...
  11. Proof of Global Warming

    The Black Hole
    Gotcha! :D I figured BH could use some humor... :poke:
  12. Global Warming Over?

    The Black Hole
    I'm still digesting this one. Any comments?
  13. Global Cooling?

    The Black Hole Glad I live in Texas:thumbup:
  14. Greenpeace CF says Global Warming Good

    The Black Hole
  15. Global health: economic or environmental?

    The Black Hole
    Productivity—the amount of output per unit of input—is a basic yardstick of an economy's health. When productivity is growing, living standards tend to rise. When productivity is stagnating, so, generally, is well-being. "It can be said without exaggeration that in the long run probably nothing...
  16. Still don't believe in global warming?

    The Black Hole
    Thunder Ridge, Muir Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska 1941: 2004:
  17. Global poll slams Bush leadership

    The Black Hole
    I can stand back and say "I'm English, It doesn't concern me, who cares" but I'd be an arse/ass if I did. May interest you on here, may not, anyhow, here you go: Heard it on the news as I showered this morning. Personally I try and avoid...