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  1. Parts For Sale
    ECU GIAC socketed chip for 1.8t AEB. Just removed from daily driver, works great. Easily configured to auto/Tiptronic or manual with VCDS. No trades. $245 shipped in continental US. Thanks!
  2. Parts For Sale
    For is the Engine Control Computer (part #4B0 906 018 BQ) for a 2001 VW Passat with an AUG 1.8t motor. It has a stage 1 GIAC tune which bumps the horsepower from 150 to 200 and the torque from 150 to 225 Ft Lbs. Also comes with programmer which allows you to switch from stock to the stage 1...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Selling a used giac ecu. Stage 1. It's from a 2001.5 AWM fwd tiptronic tranny. Tuned for 17psi, full throttle at 3k rpm. $240 shipped
  4. Vehicles For Sale
    I have a 2005 VW Passat Automatic transmission with 1.8T engine with K04 Turbo installed. It is a GLS with leather seats and the montreal 17 inch rims It is also chipped with the GIAC software loaded. The car has 207K miles, runs great but needs a new water pump and timing belt. The interior...
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Even so everything is no 'back to Giac stock' (correct injectors, correct MAF, AFPR set to 40 psi (2.8 bar) according to ECS inline gauge), the car is just not running good. It feels as if too rich (when feathering to higher rpm and boost levels, the car actually runs like a bat out of hell)...
  6. B5 Garage
    Hi Guys, I know I only have a few posts on here, but I would like to do a few things for the community, and furthermore myself. As you can tell from the title I would like to bring my almost completely stock car up to a k04 build. With that being said I would like to sort of use this post as a...
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've been reading a lot on here and vortex about different tunes for our cars. I own a 2002 GLX 2.8 FWD manual. I was thinking about a Unitronic tune, but then realized there is a GIAC dealer in my city. I did some reading up and even went in to see what they had to say. I asked how much it...
  8. WTB/WTT Section
    Hello, I WTB any of these ECU with GIAC PC 16 flashed (B5 1.8T): 8D0 907 557 P / 8D0 997 557 HX / 8D0 907 557 E / 8D0 997 558 CX Thanks,
  9. Parts For Sale
    [SOLD] GIAC K04-15 Hammer File CM ECU from 2002 AWM SOLD! Going through my storage and found this ECU that I pulled from my 2002 1.8t 5 speed Passat before it got sent off to meet it's end. It is a CM code ECU with a GIAC Hammer file flashed on it. I recall some B5.5 Passats have issues...
  10. WTB/WTT Section
    As the title says: Want to buy a GIAC PC16 ECU and an EVOMS Cold Air Intake :rolleyes: Thanks! (Moderator: Please move to WTB/WTT section)
  11. Parts For Sale
    As the title states. I have a spare 557p ecm with a stage 1 giac tune currently programmed.for 5 spd. This hands down the most power you can get for the price ( +47hp for 275). For those that don't know. A stage one tune is hands down the best mod you can do for your stock/semi...
  12. Parts For Sale
    Title says it Why send in your ecu and pay $350 plus shipping both ways and waiting a week and not having a spare ecu? I want 350$ and ill pay for shipping within 48 states. . And you get to keep your stock ecu Bosch red top Injectors from awe tuning and 3 bar fpr( cost 530 on their site )...
  13. Parts For Sale
    I'm selling my giac stage one plus chipped ecu. It's tunned for rear 02 delete, test pipe, and it runs at 18-17 psi spike. Had the ECM tuned at IPB Autosport here in Sacramento CA. It's alittle more agressive than the normal stage 1 ECM. I'm asking $300 shipped
  14. WTB/WTT Section
    as the title states im looking for a G.I.A.C pc16 file ecu. ecu ends with 557p and preferably coded for a manual trans thanks!
  15. Parts For Sale
    This is all stuff coming off my car because I'm upgrading to a GT2871r setup. Shipping is not included. Shipping will be whatever shipping costs. SOLD: genuine Borg Warner K04-15 from 034 Motorsports. SOLD: Cast, high flow exhaust manifold for longitudinal 1.8t engine with K03, K04 or Hybrid...
  16. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Any one running the united motorports tune for aeb k04 ?I have pc16 but I'm maxing out my maf from 5000 up, the unitedotorsports gets tuned to a bigger maf, AND can do k04/ ft/ bt.. and there's a local united motor dealer that can put it on the dyno also to check how its running. I know...
  17. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    OK guys. I have had this GIAC chip from a member for a while now. So i decided to try it out and solder it on a ECU. I first found out that my ECU number is 4B0 906 018 CM. Looked around and finally got one as a pretty good deal (30$ shipped) It arrived today. Took it apart and inspected for...
  18. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Any one have info on the giac flashloader? And info about the pc16 100 octane file? I'm lookin to take my car to 1/4 mile track and want the best I can get to beat my buddies 14 second cobalt ss. Any one take theirs or have an estimate of what to expect even with the regular 93 octane pc 16? And...
1-20 of 450 Results