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  1. Those Sneaky Germans! All 2015 and 16 Clean Diesels Recall

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    Those sneaky Germans installed software in all 2015 and 16 Clean Diesels that can detect when an emissions test is being done and turn on emissions controls to pass the test. Other than those times the Clean Diesel cars ain't so clean! VW has also stopped selling all Clean Diesel cars in the US...
  2. F#@$ the Germans!!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    There is no reason why an oil filter should be that hard to change out. Sorry, just had to vent to someone who can understand. :banghead:
  3. My piece of History / Last of the Germans

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    New Guy here........ What do you think???:lol:
  4. DrewBQ (AKA the Germans are coming!) June 20th!!!!!

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    Where: My backyard When: Sat June 20th. Early afternoon. Why? Flow (Flow-ger) and his lady Iris are coming to NY! We may hit either Jones Beach or Long Beach earlier in the day, you're welcomed to come to that too. I'll supply the majority of the food (I.E. Burgers of the beef and turkey...
  5. Germans eat rice!

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    I can just see it on the back of my car now!
  6. Those crazy Germans...

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  7. I thought Germans were the smart engineers - Audi A6 Battery

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    So, I was being a good samaritan the other day and thought I'd help a guy by jumping his dead battery. I pull up to the guys minivan and pop the hood on my A6 Wagon. battery. Must be behind the cover by the firewall (i.e. like the Passat). Nope. Hmmm. It must be in a side...
  8. Why aren't the Germans in the current "horsepower race"?

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    I can guarantee that I will always own a German car because they just "fit" me--(The styling, handling, being not-so-common, etc. are a few of the reasons.)--so this isn't a question of me really losing faith or anything or having seconds thoughts... ...I'm just wondering why the Germans are...