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  1. Canada
    George is discouraged that his B5.5 is costing him too much is repairs. He tell me today that he's considering a Mazda 5 Hatch with the same mileage as his Passat. Convince him to stick it out with the Passat!
  2. The Black Hole now dead. Fun Fact: The owner of the towing company I drove for is the son-in-law of the owner of Diamond Security, the company that protected Tiller and his office in Wichita. My old boss said Tiller was wearing a vest and that John is visiting with the FBI today. Six degrees of...
  3. The Black Hole (CNN) -- President Bush made a farewell visit Sunday to Baghdad, Iraq, where he met with Iraqi leaders and was targeted by an angry Iraqi man, who jumped up and threw shoes at Bush during a news conference. Among Muslims, throwing...
  4. The Black Hole
    It's time to see if GW can continue his ineptness into the private sector. I beleive before being president he was never associated with a profitable company. The Bush library is looking for any documents or papers to on view since Gonzales took all of the previous documents home and shredded...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi im George from west Greece and im an owner of a silver passat 99 mod.with a s4 engine stage 3. This is my 1st post and im very happy.You can see a thread of my car in gtc club.
  6. The Black Hole
    Can anyone explain to what "a half glass full mentality" means? GW was describing Cheney this way yesterday during an interview with Jaun Williams.
  7. Anything Auto
    Yesterday My boss and I visited George Barris Customs. George Barris is responsible for the design and creation of over 60% of the vehicle used in movies since the late 1940's. His attributes include classics like all of the Batmobiles, the Monkee Mobile, Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazard...
  8. Anything Auto
    Gumball Rally 2006
  9. The Black Hole
    WELCOME GEORGE. The first step towards recovery is admiting you have a problem. Congratulations. ---------------------------- Does this mean that this country is finally going to stop pissing money into the sand?
  10. The Black Hole
    Named for George Bush the wiser, but nevertheless.... Oh My God!
  11. The Black Hole
    Just to offset some of the bashing... Let's list reasons to like George W. Bush. Someone start.
  12. The Black Hole
    Just listening to the news today about possibility of inflation increasing and was wondering if the George Bush presidency has become the Republican version of Jimmy Carter? I was only in grade school at the time Carter was in office but I remember the following similarities: 1. Inflation...
  13. The Black Hole
    Just wondering what people think about this. I am totally against having invaded iraq after 9/11 for alot of reasons. But what about during the first gulf war? Would there have been as much resistance, violence and insurrection in Iraq after the 1st gulf war in iraq if Bush had sent Powell on in...
  14. The Black Hole Great Kayne. That really makes me want to donate.
  15. The Black Hole
    Here is yet another reason you should FEAR this man: and a place for all you who fear getting a NYtimes login: God told me to share this with you all.... :bow:
  16. USA - East
    2004 1.8T Silverstone 4Motion Tip Hardwired Valentine1 Euroswitch with the DRLs disabled Intake cut-outs on grill opened Mercedes cargo net BIG change from 20 years of Broncos!
  17. Canada
    1999 1.8, manual Passat
  18. Canada
    These were the pictures taken the day we bought it. fresco green 1.8t manual, Homelink, heated seats