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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Going to buy my sister a GPS unit, reviews say both are good but can anyone comment on w hich I should buy? The i5 is going for $357 shipped and the c320 is going for $370 plus s/h. Thanks!
  2. Mobile Electronics
    THinking about buying one, anybody have anything good or bad to say about this? I'd like the stock Navi ver D, but its a little $$$.
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone have any personal experience with either of these units that wouldn't mind providing feedback/review? I may be in the market to purchase one of these. Price-wise, they're about the same. But I don't know if one has a leg-up on the other when it comes to user-friendliness...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    The $$$ in my wallet is getting jumpy, so I am contemplating of getting either a Garmin 2610 or Magellan Roadmate 300 (replacing the 500 series) GPS navigation unit. Both are comparable priced and have similar functions. I am choosing them because I already have a good MP3 HU and I don't want...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    I have had this for 5 months and used it 3 times. I have EVERYTHING it came with ( all wires, full unlock, mounts, CD ROMS), plus updated software and original box. I have also a Pelican case for it, that holds everything you need to use it ( holds the unit, cords, manuals) The thing is...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone installed Garmin Ique in their Passat? I have the Garmin Auto kit, but want to just use the holder and not the big "pillow". Any tips about how to make a good-looking install? Pics are appreciated if you have done it...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    and it is great. I got it a few days ago and have been playing with it since then. It's really easy to use and has a ton of great extra info. color. Talks. Portable. And the maps are great. It comes with a 128MB CF card, and the maps are broken down into small segments of a state (let's...
  8. Mobile Electronics haven't seen one in person yet, but the price and cool-factor looks appealing ;-)
  9. Mobile Electronics
    the bezel being worked on: and here's the end result: no, this isn't factory ;-) its all custom. the gps unit, the audiocontrol preamp/processor, the mp3 controller and the woodgrain bezel (inside the DIN) are certainly NOT factory ;-) more pics at:
  10. Mobile Electronics
    Need Nav System opinions: Magellan 750, Garmin Street Pilot III, etc... I'm considering a Nav/GPS system for my car, but don't want to replace my exisiting stereo system to accomodate a DVD nav system. I rented a Volvo two years ago with the Magellan 750 navagation system (Budget Rental calls...
21-30 of 38 Results