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  1. Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2002 Passat with Gamma FM CD cassette. Whilst the CD /cassette work fine through speakers the radio reception is poor. For the first 30 mins of any journey (once car warmed up and running OK )reception is fine and then is starts to detiorate as though station is slightly out of tune...
  2. Europe
    i have a passat 1800 turbo 1999 with the sport trim .but when i got it didn,t have the factory stareo in it but it has got the cd changer in the boot.i have been giving a beta unit and wanted to know if it can be used with the changer .thanks
  3. B5 Garage
    My Gamma radio display shows 'SAFE' after battery was disconected. I know my code number but not how to enter it. Radio is fitted in a 1998 Passat and I don't have a handbook. All help much appretiated
  4. Europe
    Hiya all, I recently sold my Gamma headunit on ebay (out of my own car - so I KNOW it worked OK at time of posting), and the very nice chap who bought it is having a couple of problems, wondered if anyone can help? He`s plugged it in to his `98 Passat (mines a `99), the unit illuminates, and...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Quisiera saber si se puede cambiar el climatronic en el sitio del cd y viceversa, para instalar un cd motorizado con pantalla tactil y no tapar el clima. PICS.
  6. Mobile Electronics
    I'd like to replace my Gamma Head unit (in my 98 B5) with one that will give me a single CD slot in the dash and still control my VW 6 disc changer in the boot - does such a thing exist?? I don't want to add another unit in the dash (I'm not sure its possible anyway) I want to replace it...
  7. Europe
    :???: Hi guys, I need some help, recently I had a french lorry driver decide to park his truck in the side of my B5 and after repair it came back with the radio not working. The display shows "safe", I have the code but no idea how to input it. The car is a 98 B5 estate with a gamma radio. Any...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    Hi everyone.... (sorry Quality_Sound / Paul.... i know I ask too much sometimes! :D ) I have been busy doing up some mods on my car.. including the double din conversion etc. And have yet another question please.. Is the K-wire (3) required if you are using the stock Gamma? (i know its not if...
  9. Mobile Electronics
    hi everyone.. just a quick question.... does anyone know if the stock Gamma headunit have Pre-outs?? (unamplified outputs, so that i can connect to external amps). thanks! Abe
  10. Mobile Electronics
    Hi everyone.. simple question... has anyone installed 2 audio units at the same time?? I want to keep my Gamma Cassette/Radio and install a CD Player along with it (not stock CD, but aftermarket -Alpine/Panasonic/Blau etc). anyone? can it be done? thanks! Abe
  11. Mobile Electronics
    Guys, I pulled the Gamma head unit from my 2000 B5 and replaced it with my Blaupunkt DAB52 (digital radio). It was working fine in the car I took it from. The Passat connectors plugged straight into the back of the Blaupunkt without any problems, but the sound was really distorted. Do I need...
21-31 of 31 Results