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  1. ATTN Everyone: This is the funniest thing i have ever seen

    Anything Auto Look at this thing: Looks like something you would make out of your Tuna Fish can when you are bored while eating... I just had to share this since i...
  2. Absolutley the funniest automotive commerical ive ever seen (Not 56k Friendly)

    Anything Auto
    Im sure some of you might have seen this but this is a commercial that never made it to air due to the potential referred nature. (dont worry its work safe) But every time i watch it im on the floor rolling.:biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :salute:
  3. Saw the funniest thing the other day...

    Anything Auto
    I wish i had my camera with me, though i probably would have gotten my ass kicked for taking the pic. There was this guy pushing his brand new Hummer H2 into the gas station. I couldn't help but laugh, loudly, out the window.
  4. Funniest Thing Happened to me and my STi tonight

    Anything Auto
    Funniest thing ever happened to me tonight. What a nice Fathers' day story. Just past midnight, coming home from a party (sober of course), a Mustang 5.0 GT with headers, cams, etc. followed me on one of the major streets here. He was pacing me and stayed on my blind side. I knew he wanted a...
  5. Funniest Mod in a while...

    Anything Auto
    Bumper Nuts :shock: Nuff said... :lol:
  6. Funniest auction ever

    Anything Auto This guy cracks me up. Also, highlight the text in the auction for some hidden text. And you guys gotta check out the video link he's even funnier than the whole auction!
  7. Whats the funniest thing someone has said about your car?

    Anything Auto
    Besides the usuall Jetta comment, Ive gotten some people to call it a Sebring What about every one else?