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    Have a set of aftermarket rims that were on my Audi TT. The rims have 2 sets of bolt holes which can fit the 5 bolt VW's and Audi's from 1998 to date. Specs are as follows Diameter = 18" Width = 8" Bolt pattern = 5x100 and 5x112 Off set = 37mm Center bore = 65mm but have the adaptors for a 57.1...
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    For sale is a full set of alloy wheels from a 2018 VW Atlas. These are brand new take offs. Part # is 3QF 601 025L Size is 18” diameter x 8” wide 112 x 5 bolt pattern Perfect for Passats, Tiguans, Golfs and Jettas Wheels are straight and true. No scratches or dings. Does not come with tires...
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    Came with car when I bought it 5x112 18x7.5 et 38 225/40/18 Riken Raptor ZR - should be replaced soon, one tire is starting to show some metal due to camber wear Sanded and polished each lip a couple of years ago Minor curb rash on one wheel, can barely notice it Center caps are missing - didn't...
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    I have a set of 18" 5x112 Diamo wheels with 234/40/18 Yokohama Avid Envigors on them. The tires have the inner shoulder worn down but tread depth is good. One tire needs to be replaced because it was out of balance and the inner shoulder wore unevenly. The wheels themselves are in excellent...
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    s o l d !!
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    sold !!!
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    In my search for snow tires last year, I came across the Nokian WR G2's. Although they're not the same as their hardcore Hakkepelita tires, I liked the fact they were an extreme all-season that could handle snow. Reason I chose these also is because while NJ gets its fair share of snow, it's not...
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    18 x 8.5 XXR style 001. Wheels in great shape. 2 wheels have spots where clear coat is peeled, one of those wheels also has small scratch on outer edge, hard to see. Tires are Hankook 235/40/18R. 1.5 years old, only driven in spring, summer, fall. Decent amount of tread left. Asking $600 obo...
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    18x8 in the front 18x10 in the rear Front tires 30% Rear tires 80% Wheels are in good condition. Powdercoated Black I'm in Sanford, NC, 30 mins from Ft. Bragg and 30 mins from Raleigh. I will ship if YOU pay for the costs. Will accept PayPal, (must gift the $$$), but would prefer to meet in...
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    They're perfect. no curbage or scratches. 18x8 et 41 Asking $500, willing to ship.
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    ***SOLD!**** Thanks! ******************************* Up for sale are my 100% OEM 18x8" "Samarkand" wheels, 235/40/18 Continental ContiProContact w/ContiSeal tires (basically can't get a flat) with 9/32nds tread remaining (roughly 90%) and pre-installed VW OEM TPMS. Wheels came off a 2008 VW...
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    sold !!
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    Up for sale arw 3 18" B7 RS4 Reps. -Make an offer.... I have several websites that carry these exact wheels and would forward you the information to buy another to complete the set.
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    I have five of these and I'd say two are in pretty good condition. Two are flat, one is due to the rim that no longer holds air due to a dent, the other may be due to the tire with a sidewall puncture. None of this is due to an accident, just chicago potholes. Long story short, this has to be...
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    I have for sale 18" 5x112 Matte Black Miro M02 wheels. et45. They are wrapped in kumho ecsta ast 225/40/18 tires. One wheels has a slight (and I emphasize slight) bend from a pothole. Holds air fine and does not alter ride comfort. I have taken the car up to 120 on them and felt no...
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    **Sorry ya'll these are 18's,can a mod please change this** -$600- -Prefer local/Pick Up- -Might consider a trade if something nice comes around- If interested please email me @ [email protected]
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    SOLD These wheels are 8.5-9/10 and are in great shape for a old wheel that has been discontinued. This wheels is getting hard to find and looks great! This is for a set of four Mille Miglia Evo 5's with tires. The tires, I was told, were only run for one summer and look to be in good shape...
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    *SOLD!* Rims: Size = 18x8 Offset = +33 Bolt Pattern = 5x112 Tires: Brand = Nitto Model = NT NeoGen ZR Size = 225/40ZR-18XL 92W Tires have around 3k miles on them (daily driving only) and perform excellent (highly recommended, check out the - reviews) Rims ARE chipped (previous owner)...