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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Was wondering.....may have been brought up in the past, not sure. But just thought it would be cool to have a sticky here in ME where folks could post their installs. Installs meaning beyond (or not) just the HU with pics (limit # and size maybe) and specs. First it would be nice to see the...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok sorry or the delay.. between my woman being a bitch to me last night and having work to finish at the job first here it is... Finally. After several months of working with Paul to finish his projects and mine as well I set it up with PAS mag to shoot an article on Pauls car to fill...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    I am looking through CES pictures and would just like to say that the SEs are BEAUTIFUL. I hope some day i can own some, but for now i will just enjoy my outdated XXKs :D -Jordan
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    this company to put pictures of his car , (even the plate numbers are exposed ) on Ebay.
  5. USA - West
    I finally found a Passat owners forum at last. I own a '01 B5.5 Passat Blue-silver GLX 4-motion.
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just got back from court to see the man in action. I had two misdemeanors and two traffic ……. ALL Dropped ! Saved me well over 2 grand !!! I full recommend him. Fred Hopkins-Traffic Attorney 425.391.7427 Located in Issaquah but will go where you need him.
  7. Mobile Electronics
    I recieved the prize to my contest today and I wanted to take the time to thank Fred despite the fact that he harasses me constantly about being a gimp we still love him :lol: These things are massive compared to what I have run in the past...should provide some extra slam for project turbo...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    They just showed up looking for a home so I took them in....... so far they are playing nice with the other kids. Enclosed is a family photo. and a special one
  9. Mobile Electronics
    Fred I am thinking about putting a pair of ID 8's up front, one in each of the doors, as midbass drivers, and my Dynaudio 240's in custom made kick panels. OR if IDQ's come in an 8 would thoose be better? My questions: Do you think this is feasable while maintaing the stock door panel...
  10. Mobile Electronics
    Image Dynamics Passat, aka Fred, now has the power to close and delete your treat him well! :wink: Fred is very committed to his work and I think he's the perfect person to help moderate this forum. Congrats!
  11. Mobile Electronics
    Hi Fred, I was wondering if you still have your IDQ6's in AP mats? Did you like the sound of them this way? How effecient where they? Do you have pics of them? What kind of power did you have on them? Did you run them stereo? Sorry so many Questions, I'm just very interested in doing this...
  12. Mobile Electronics
    i was watching some program like MTV cribs and i noticed that the laker's samaki walker had all ID stuff in his SUV... you install all that for him? if so got picks?
  13. Mobile Electronics
    I need to control a modified IDX-24 (I had MVC and sub level controls put in) and a few functions on my headunit/changer (track and disc number). I would like to use as few switches as possible. I also need to control a linear actuator. I don't have a B5, so I don't have access to the switch...
1-14 of 21 Results