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  1. Mechanic in Framingham, MA area?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just got my '02 Passat back from it's 30k service. The dealership told me the rear pads/rotors need to be replaced (just like everyone elses story on here). I questioned why rotors need to be replaced so soon. The woman said it's a rust problem, and "they're falling apart in chunks". Cost...
  2. Calvin Tsai - Framingham, MA

    USA - East
    2000 1.8T Tip / Blue Anthracite / Black Leather Exterior Mods Clear Corners w/ Polarg G32 blue blinker bulbs Clear Side Markers w/ hyperwhite blinkers 1.8T emblem Mintex Redbox Rear Brake pads Window Tints - 33% front / 12% Rear smoke Tints Disabled DRL's Kamei Sport Grille Suspension/Wheels...