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  1. Silver Fox

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am a newbie who currently has a VW Golf SE 1.4TSI with a Passat 1.4TSI 150ps on order. Really looking forward to that. Hoping to learn bit of others experiences good or bad! My hair has been grey/white for the past forty years (some say I do not seem to get older!) hence the nickname.
  2. F/S 2004 GLX 4motion V6 Fox Valley, Wisconsin

    Vehicles For Sale
    2004 Volkswagen Passat GLX V6 4motion I know most of you know what a GLX 4motion has and does not have, but this was just my Craigslist post for people who don't know $8,500 OBO Oshkosh, Wisconsin I am selling my 04' VW Passat GLX V6 4motion Passat with 71,xxx miles on the odometer. This...
  3. Big suprise.... Obama hating on Fox News, brought to you by CNN

    The Black Hole . . . . . . ....Fox News doesn't need to respond. They benefit from increased ratings over their cable news competition. When will Obama and his cronies learn? Quit adding fuel to Fox's fire.
  4. Interested in a "new" VW Fox?

    Anything Auto
    It's amazing that these low mileage cars keep popping up.
  5. Victoria Jackson on Fox & Friends

    The Black Hole
    OH... MY... Wow. Too crazy for Fox... :icon_eek: :rofl:
  6. Sarah Palin to Contribute to Fox News

    The Black Hole
    WTF can her dumb ass contribute? how to build an igloo???:crazy:
  7. 100 days of Fox love for Obama!

    The Black Hole
  8. For all you Fox News and Sean Hannity fans

    The Black Hole
    I'll bet you can't wait :thumbup:,2933,465806,00.html
  9. Fox News reports Palin didn't know Africa was a continent...

    The Black Hole
    Good thing Obama won... at least he knows where Africa is. :thumbup: crazy article. :O
  10. It's fox's wheel of assoication! spin spin spin!

    The Black Hole
    I'll take Rashid Khalidi for the presidency Sean! John McCain says he's sure The Los Angeles Times would be quick to produce a tape that purported to show him or his running mate at a neo-Nazi event, so he can't understand why it won't show Barack Obama in the company of a former PLO...
  11. White House manipultes FOX news

    The Black Hole
    Not too shocking. FOX is rarely on our TV, mainly because of all the screaming.
  12. Horror77- Fox Lake, IL--ex: pimpinpassat

    USA - Central
    Hello all. I am from Fox Lake, I used to live in Roselle, and my mom lives out there so im out there every once and a while. Here is a pix of the car. i have so much i want to do with it, just no funds right now.
  13. Air Force One dumps Fox for CNN

    The Black Hole
    Sensitive material apparently.
  14. In The Works: VW Fox R32...keep dreaming!

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  15. FS: Fox Motocross Helmet

    Classified Archive
    So I know this doesn't have anything to do with B5s, but I thought I'd see if there was any interest in this before I post it on Ebay. So for any of you ATV enthusiasts out there, or if you know anyone who needs or wants a motocross helmet, I have a 2004 Fox Tracer helmet in Navy blue that I...
  16. Nov. 1, 8:43 a.m. EST, Fox News Calls Florida for Bush

    The Black Hole
    :poke: ok, this is my only childish post regarding the election.
  17. In the works:VW FOX

    Anything Auto
  18. Pete Fox - Brightwaters, NY

    USA - East
    Pete Fox..Brightwaters, NY Just wanted to say thanks to BoeserBlick(Joe),Ture7(Al),Meph(Jack) and Sid(?)sorry if I got any of the handles/names mixed Sid(sp) "Lets Audi"? Thanks for coming out in that evil rain to install the new DV...all is fine for now.. I gotta say though that the...