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  1. Misc for Sale
    Got this from a friend as collateral, he gave me the OK to sell it. Barely used, adult owned. Rated pretty well as far as amps go. Rockford Fosgate Power T500-1bd Mono subwoofer amplifier 500 watts x 1 at 1 ohm: Car Electronics Looking for $200/obo located in Zimmerman, MN
  2. Mobile Electronics
    I bought this R300-10 I have a 10 speaker Dynaudio system now with this HU. EDIT: I spliced in to the rear wires at the back of the HU. I ran the wires through the dash down the front 1/4 panel through the plastic door rails all the way to the trunk. Because I have a 3.6 my battery is in...
  3. Parts For Sale
    I have a custom made box with two 12s for sale. Subs are in perfect working order. Reason for selling is i want to go down to one 10' sub because i have bunch of air ride stuff in my trunk and i want to make it cleaner. Box Subs How it looks in the trunk... System sounded awesome...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    I was thinking about updating the sound in my variant. I have a friend who can get me a great price on Fosgate equipment. Does anyone have this brand in their vehicle? Any input would be appreciated. Pro's or Con's. Any suggestions for this brand? Thanks
  5. Mobile Electronics
    This website has one product every day. I thought this was a damn good price, and I figured someone here could be interested.
  6. Mobile Electronics
  7. Mobile Electronics
    Now that I'm getting closer and closer to buying my sub amp, I'm thinking and rethinking my decision on which amp to buy. The people at this and other forums were instrumental in my decision in which subs I bought, but my own ears had the final say, but my ears happened to agree with many of the...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    $60 very good condition cell is 347-866-2638
  9. Mobile Electronics
    I am new to this but eager to spruce up my Monsoon and Onstar equipped B5.5. I just ordered a Rockford Fosgate WiFi Car/Home Audio Bundle from Woot for $200. The omnifi DMP1 is part of the package, and I want to mount this in the trunk. The USA SPEC Auxiliary Interface is on sale for $60...
1-9 of 35 Results