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  1. Howdy, New to Forum, just picked up a 2003 Passat Wagon

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    This car is a manual and a lot of fun to drive, but Its got multiple Dash lights ABS, Traction control, Airbag, came to forum to gt some tips on how to DIY. Now if I can only get the lock lugs off as key is missing
  2. recommended BMW forum?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My younger son has a surplus of cars and has left his 2003 BMW 530i in our custody. It is in remarkably good shape inside and out, but needs a few little things, as any 16-year-old car with 190k miles on the clock would, so I am looking for a recommendation for a BMW 5-series forum that is...
  3. Really great forum

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    This is probably one of the best forums for autos I have seen.
  4. Google AMP page for B5 forum not updated frequently enough

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    Last night I posted this thread to the B5 forum. About 12 hours later in the afternoon I went to the B5 forum on my android phone using Google Chrome. I was not logged in on the phone I just wanted to find my post and see if anyone replied. The page that loaded was a Google AMP page which is a...
  5. New to the forum

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    I'm currently building a bit of a unicorn in the UK 1.8t 4motion wagon I brought a 1.8t fwd for the parts and any thing needed (I hope as it's now been scrapped)
  6. New to the Forum

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    Hi, I bought my 2009 Passat estate Rline, 1.9Tdi 140BHP about 3 years ago having "retired" my 1997 Audi A6. Both cars have been very practical, the Audi for a decent size boot and the Passat for the good loading capability. I have carted around garden rubbish, building materials and...
  7. new on forum

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    Just want to say Hi and let you know that I am a mechanic specializing in Small Engines, But sometimes I do get involved in automotive work and seek advice. I live in central MN and am self employed.
  8. New Forum Member- 2000 B5 Passat 1.8T 238k miles

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    Hey everyone! Finally joined the forum after owning my Passat for about a year and a half. It is a 2000 B5 Passat wagon with 238k miles on it. It's got the 1.8 and a five speed manual transmission. I'm in college and I've put about 39k miles on it since I bought it. You can blame the long road...
  9. New to any kind of forum

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    The 08 Passat we picked up has some odd little quirks I’m looking forward to seeing what the members here have to say about them
  10. Hoping be allowed to post in the CC forum.

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    Searching internet has been very valuable with my fleet of passat’s but i currently have a work around on a problem and from what iv’e read others have seen same problem. Not sure how this progresses so I can post in the CC forum. I’ll check again tomorrow.
  11. New Forum Member and New VW Owner

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    Hello! My name is Dylan, but everyone calls me Tym (Pronounced Tim). I "joined" the VW community back in February when I bought my little 2003 Passat 1.8T. Honestly I wasn't expecting how awesome this car is. I just found it when I was looking for a beater for a new job I was starting, but...
  12. Nice forum

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    I am a new passat driver. I just bought passat b6 2010 2.0TDI 110hk and I want to search for help in this forum with upgrades on the car.
  13. My Passat and myself may be older but we have never joined a forum...

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    Never joined a forum of any type. So I apologize in advance if my etiquette is 'off'. Bought my 2001 Passat two years ago off Craigslist. (Yes, I know) Visited 3 dealerships and a few rather seedy neighborhoods that day. Had all but given up but stopped at the Passat listing. Best. Decision...
  14. I am End and new to the forum

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    Hi, need to do this step to be able to post thread in a near future :lol: So i hope i am not too ridiculous
  15. new to the forum

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    Hey all, new to the forum. have several questions, just wanted to get my posts done. Thanks A Senor
  16. New to Forum after absence - question about bike rack on 2008 Passat

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    Hello, Been a while since I've been here. Posting this here as required, but it may actually belong elsewhere. I've got a 2008 Passat that I'm looking to install a hitch and bike rack on. I've looked at bike racks that mount on trunk lids, but really don't like them. So, I'm thinking of...
  17. New guy to the forum

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    Just stopping in to say hello before I go ask some technical questions. Happy to be here.
  18. Forum is awesome!

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    The forum so far is my biggest help so far plus i need a second post lol
  19. forum is great second thread \o/

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    really want to thank you guys for hosting this platform. thank you
  20. Hi. New to Forum.

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    Hi. I'm a 1999 Passat owner. No real VW mechanic in my town, so thought this forum might be useful. -G