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    For those of you who have manual transmissions in your W8, what is the clutch pedal feel / force compared to a V6 clutch pedal. I'm thinking mine is not normal. It's harder to push the W8 clutch in than it is on my 66 Ford F250.
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    Further to my last post RE- P0421 and P0413: J299 Relay operates out of car with 12V applied-resisitance of contacts is good, 40 Amp fuse is good, Vacuum operates both combo valves in turn and allows air to be blown through as expected, N112 operates when 12 volts is applied and correctly...
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  4. Anything Auto
    Saw this over at whoretex. Kinda cool! "GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) just finished these cars for the US Air Force as recruitment tools". (Dieselstation, 2009). X1 Vapor Post by Dieselstation (2009). US Air Force's new cars. The Car Lounge. vwvortex.
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    HEMI V8 engine that's both twin turbocharged and supercharged.
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    For reason I cannot explain at this time my CEO and I got the pleasure and personal invite to join John Force at his facility for a conversation or 2 and a personal tour of the facility by John Force himself. I can say the guy is extremely nice, courteous, and well extremely funny...
1-6 of 33 Results