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  1. W8 clutch pedal force

    B5 Garage
    For those of you who have manual transmissions in your W8, what is the clutch pedal feel / force compared to a V6 clutch pedal. I'm thinking mine is not normal. It's harder to push the W8 clutch in than it is on my 66 Ford F250.
  2. Force the Secondary Air Pump to run (for diagnosis only!)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Further to my last post RE- P0421 and P0413: J299 Relay operates out of car with 12V applied-resisitance of contacts is good, 40 Amp fuse is good, Vacuum operates both combo valves in turn and allows air to be blown through as expected, N112 operates when 12 volts is applied and correctly...
  3. The 140-Mph Chase Cars Of The U.S. Air Force

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  4. Senate rejects Obama backed bi-partisan task force

    The Black Hole
  5. US Air Force's cars: X1 and Vapor

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    Saw this over at whoretex. Kinda cool! "GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) just finished these cars for the US Air Force as recruitment tools". (Dieselstation, 2009). X1 Vapor Post by Dieselstation (2009). US Air Force's new cars. The Car Lounge. vwvortex.
  6. So no more Air Force One?

    The Black Hole
    Since our economy isn't much better than the Big Three Automotive companies... Obama... I have faith in you, but hypocrites are not something I like much. I'll assume you'll be flying AirTran from now on then? Certainly you've...
  7. One Pic, One Word: Force Performance TriCharger

    Anything Auto
    HEMI V8 engine that's both twin turbocharged and supercharged.
  8. How much force?

    Got a level 6 inactive to pillage. He's got 30 slingers, a level two wall and no ships. What do I need to send?
  9. My Trip to John Force Racing Headquarters

    Anything Auto
    For reason I cannot explain at this time my CEO and I got the pleasure and personal invite to join John Force at his facility for a conversation or 2 and a personal tour of the facility by John Force himself. I can say the guy is extremely nice, courteous, and well extremely funny...
  10. 18 Inch Mak Force Wheels

    Classified Archive
    These were on my Passat until I sold it recently and they have since been put into storage. I need to free up some space so if anybody is interested, you are more than welcome to buy them from me! I'm asking a cheap price because I just simply need to free up the space and get some cash in...
  11. Specter ready to force showdown

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    Sounds like Bush & Co. are about to get a lesson in checks & balances, and the difference between the Executive and Legislative branches.
  12. Air Force One dumps Fox for CNN

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    Sensitive material apparently.
  13. MAK Force 18' Wheels - $400 only!

    Classified Archive
    I have a set of 18" Wheels made by MAK force. They have been off my car for over a year now and are just taking up space. Please email for high resolution pictures. They are pretty nice and I bought them for over $1000. They do have nicks and I have pictures of them so you know what you are...
  14. fittipaldi force? pics?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Help me pick RIMS!!! looking for fittipaldi force 18" pictures on a passat. all the links in search were broken. Would like to see them on a passat before purchase. also, how strong are these wheels? I've never heard of them. quality ok? Fittaldi Force 18" weight: 22lbs Ace Allure 18"...
  15. Fuzions or G force

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Fuzions or G Force Sport I know the Fuzion Zr1s would need to be a smaller than stock diameter, but I am willing to deal with that. Which tires would corner better and would that be at the cost of noise and harshness? I compared all of the graphs on the two separate tests of these tires...
  16. *SOLD*FS: 18 x 8 TSW Force w/ Tires SOLD

    Classified Archive
    perfectly straight, slight curb scratch on 1 wheel, at least 75% thread left on tires absolutely need to sell these! please let me know if you need any more info/pic jesse
  17. FS: 18x8 TSW Force w/Tires (SoCal pickup $600)

    Classified Archive
    Price drop!! This is a repost of my wheels from my original post. Off the car and sitting in my garage right now. Perfectly straight, only driven for about 15k miles. VERY slight curb scratch on 1 wheel, other than that, perfect. 18" x 8" TSW Force with 2 months new tires with VW center caps...
  18. Candy (White) gets new shoes - Fittipaldi Force 17's

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Here are the pics of my wife's '02 1.8T. 17x8 Fittipaldi Force w/Nitto 450's in 225/45/17. I know one thing for sure; it needs to be lowered REAL BAD!! Hopefully in the spring. Let me know what you guys think.
  19. 18 inch MAK FORCE w/ brand new SUMITOMO's HRTZ II's 235/40/1

    Classified Archive
    18 inch MAK FORCE w/ brand new SUMITOMO's HRTZ II's 235/40/18 I'm asking 1100.00 150.00 X 4 Tires 600.00 179.00 X 4 Rims 716.00 Mount/ BAL 40.00 $ 1356.00 + tax Tax 105.00 Total I paid 1461.00 1100.00 is all I'm...