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  1. The 10 Best NFL Car Accessories to Kick Off the Football Season

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    Read more about the The 10 Best NFL Car Accessories to Kick Off the Football Season at
  2. 2017 PW Fanatsy Football - Opening for 1 player!

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    Looks like we have one opening for this year. The league is in its 12th year. Shoot me a pm with your email if you want to join.
  3. 2014 PW Fantasy Football

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    It looks like we have one opening this year. I'm going to give Shaftster a few days more to join but if he doesn't we'll have one opening.
  4. Passatworld fantasy Football - 10th year

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    This year's PasstWorld fantasy football league has been setup. Previous players should have an email to join the league. Owners have until August 10th to join. Any vacant slots after August 10th will be filled by other members wishing to join the league. If you'd like to be considered for any...
  5. 2012 Passatworld Fantasy Football League

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    Waiting on the Bridgeville Bastards VAG COMmander to join this year's league. Emails went out 7/10/12 to join. A couple more weeks and I'll be forced to fill your spots guys.
  6. Passatworld Fantasy Football - season 10 or so

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    We have 1 opening left in the Passatworld fantasy football league. Post up if you're interested. Note: this is not first come, first served. I'm the Commissioner so I get to pick on whatever criteria I decide to use when I do pick. Bribes will not be accepted but being a long term member, lots...
  7. It's a sad day for tOSU Buckeye football team fans...

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    Tressel has resigned. Sure, he broke the rules and knew he had done so - in fact, he willingly did so - but this is a sad day for Buckeye football fans. I know there's gonna be a pile-on by OSU football haters; however, when does the NCAA lose some of it's teeth? sure, many of the kids get...
  8. PassatWorld Fantasy Football Time Again

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    All the invites went out to last year's players last week. I'll give them a few more days to join the league then I'll open it up to replacement players for this year to fill the league up.
  9. 2009 PassatWorld Fantasy Football Champion Is .........

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    Grats to PassitWorld, our league champ this year. He may have only finished the season with an 8-6 record but he strung together two big wins when it mattered! Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts *1. PassitTurbo 8-6-0...
  10. Great week to be a NY football fan!

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    ...and before someone mentions the inevitable... a good week to be a NJ football fan, too. :rolleye: Coming off opening week victories, both the Jets & Giants face their greatest rivals the same week: Jets vs. Patriots & Giants vs. Cowboys. Not sure that's ever happened before. Whether or not...
  11. Australian Football WTF :D

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    G'day mate, how'r ya? Last night me and some friends were in an Australian Pub in Hamburg where we watched some weird sport that we couldn't identify at first. Oval field, 4x 15/25 min, ball looking like an egg, 18 players each team, running with the ball in the hand, kicking, some sort of...
  12. Football Anyone

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    1. Who is your fav team 2. And you got winning the super bowl 1. 2.Eagles all day!!
  13. Official 2009 College Football Thread

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    Surprised the shit talking didnt start a few months ago..... Some blowouts yesterday...some close games....some upsets. ....Michigan fans are already calling for a National Championship (yeah, worthy opponent yesterday, lol) .....and Ohio State fans will continue to overhype their...
  14. **The Official PW 2009 College Football Thread**

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    It's that time of the year again boys. With today's release of the Preseason Coaches poll, I thought it was a good day to start this thread. I know preseason polls don't really mean too much, but it is a good reason to start this thread again. I know this always turns into a Buckeyes thread...
  15. PassatWorld Fantasy Football League

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    I know it's really early, but is anyone interested in joining/having a PW fantasy football league in the fall? We just need like 10-12 players. I can be commish or whatever. LMK thanks :thumbup:
  16. FL boys....your football team is being sold!

    Off-Topic Forum,0,1382404.story :rofl: Let the opinions fly!
  17. Injured Ball State WR Love likely out of football

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    :( Having never played football and only soccer, most I had to ever worry about was a broken leg, arm or wrist, worst case-scenario
  18. Monday Night Football week 3 JETS & SD

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    LET BRETT THROW the ball!! if he throws they win, hand off and they lose! Go Giants!
  19. Monday Night Football NFC Fans

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    who is your pick? no explanation necessary. im picking dallas. GO GIANTS.
  20. Football Hooligans Poland

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    I present to you, Football hooligans Poland. :lol: Little insight into world of Footballs fans. I know many here will never even attempt to understand this and I know I'm repeating myself here, but in many of these countries Soccer is more important then Politics. If you were born in a country...