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    :D okay. so this popped up one day on Craigslist and I opted to jump out of my 02 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport and into one of these. I really like the car so far but I'm learning more and more about it as I read. I've owned a handful of AE92 Corolla GT-S's, a Talon TSi, an 86' MR2, Acura...
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    Selling my Fitti Fin wheels. These are brand new wheels which I just got 2 months ago. 3 are still in the boxes, and one I mounted a tire on just to see what it looks like on the car; no wheel weights or anything to marr the finish. But my wife says I have too many wheels (5 sets not counting...
  3. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Help me pick RIMS!!! looking for fittipaldi force 18" pictures on a passat. all the links in search were broken. Would like to see them on a passat before purchase. also, how strong are these wheels? I've never heard of them. quality ok? Fittaldi Force 18" weight: 22lbs Ace Allure 18"...
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    FOR PICTURES EMAIL ME AT-- [email protected] or click if someone could get these online it would be great I need to sell these rims really quickly. I am broke and have to pay my tuition by the end of April. That is why I am looking for...
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    size of wheels are 18x8 bolt pattern 5x112. these wheels need to be refinished. they are curbed and scratched but NOT BENT!. silver finish with polished lip is the current finish as you can see in the pic. i am sellin the wheels without tires. asking price is $675 obro. i will help out with...
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    set of 4 Fittipaldi Argus wheels brand new tires!!!! hey anyone interested in some wheels
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    Here are the pics of my wife's '02 1.8T. 17x8 Fittipaldi Force w/Nitto 450's in 225/45/17. I know one thing for sure; it needs to be lowered REAL BAD!! Hopefully in the spring. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I'm being offered a set of 4 used Fittipaldi wheels with a few very small scuffs and Yokohama A520 tires, used but not bad tread wear for $300. Does anyone know anything about these rims?