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  1. 2.0t cranks but wont fire

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I recently picked up a 2006 2.0 FSI and it was having starter issues. The PO said they parked it and stopped driving it for a few months and went to start it and it just clicked. well we got the car to my shop and I put a different battery and it and got it to turn over good. the first time we...
  2. heat shield fire

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    so, yesterday my heat shield caught fire. about 6" flames. after a bunch of research i find theres a recall. after more research I find that my car has already had the recall performed. I had 1 buddy say that the heat shield looks to be the old one and that the recall may never been done. what...
  3. The car caught on fire!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I had a bad experience today. The turbo outlet hose popped off while I was on the road going down hill. I let the car run like that for maybe 15 seconds while I coasted to a safe spot and shut the engine down. I opened the hood to take a peek and my catalytic converter was glowing red hot. It...
  4. b5 v6 problem that started a fire

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    3 weeks ago I had my alternator replaced for the 2nd time in one month and then a week later as I was driving 1 mile away from my house on the highway my cel (which was already on) started blinking, and my first thought was why is it misfiring it has a new coilpack, spark plugs and wires. Then...
  5. b5 v6 problem that started a fire

    New Member Introductions
    3 weeks ago I had my alternator replaced for the 2nd time in one month and then a week later as I was driving 1 mile away from my house on the highway my cel (which was already on) started blinking, and my first thought was why is it misfiring it has a new coilpack, spark plugs and wires. Then...
  6. B5.5 Seat Fire (Leather/Seat Heater)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello, Just thought I'd share this burning feeling I've had with you guys here. A brief history: Owned the car for about 6 years. Have done all preventative maintenance I could do. Had all recalls done that I've known about through here. Overall, my commute to work takes approx 11 minutes...
  7. WTB - Front A6/S6 or Passat Seats; Mine caught fire.

    WTB/WTT Section
    Well, it happened today. I was driving to work and i smelled that lovely burning smell. Realized my seat caught fire under my arse. Left side of the bolster decided to light a hole right through the leather about the size of a nickle or a small cigar. So i'm now on the search for some S6...
  8. Fire in the Engine Bay

    B5 Garage
    So long story short I come home to having a fire just under my engine. Bought the car used after the heat shield recall, been on the forums, even searched my pin before with no results on vw's website. Sure enough i search again today and it says that my repair hasn't been done. I am assuming...
  9. Passat caught on fire, so here's some stuff for sale!

    Parts For Sale
    :( 3 spoke leather steering wheel, no air bag, $20 (gli wheel sold) Ecs rear fog light kit, $7 Black b5.5 molding, free you pay shipping B5.5 wood radio surround with climatronic cover, $50 Awe boost gauge, blue color matches perfect, honks sometimes but doesn't affect...
  10. 99 Passat AEB 1.8t heat shield caught on fire is there still a recall active

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok guys so I am sure this has been talked about alot in the past but I could not find any 2013 threads so I have had my passat for a few years and it has spent most of its time sitting I just installed a new engine and tranny and drove it home and when I pulled in I saw smoke at first I was...
  11. 2008 TFSI underhood fire!!

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hey everyone, it's been a while! I'm going to keep this objective and informational, and I plan to provide updates as they come from VW and the dealership. This is second-hand information from my parents in Maryland, but since we're all part of the Passat family, it needs to be shared here...
  12. AEB FSI coil and ICM delete - spark, but no fire

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Did the FSI coils (red Bosch) and ICM delete on my AEB. I wired the signal from the ECU to each coil. Common +12V (4 individual wires from coils to 4 wires from car). 4 thick grounds from coils and 4 'signal' ground wires to common connector, ground to valve cover and ground to ECU ground. ICM...
  13. Another Passat Fire / Burned Passat Seen on Side of Road in Oklahoma City, OK

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Was driving to church this week and saw a smoldering Passat on the side of the road. On the way home I stopped to take a look (and some pics). Looks like a late '99 to early '01 from what I could tell from a quick glance. Had an auto transmission. I wonder if this was related to the fuel...
  14. CCM Wires Burnt, Need Help re: Reconnecting (and Many Thanks)

    B5 Garage
    Hi, First to the question, I will try be as concise as possible... ... long, long, story short: - '99, Passat Wagon, 1.8 Turbo. - water got in, under my foot well, small fire, many things stopped working (fuel door, windows, door locks, etc.) - I have it all apart, water out, drying, have fixed...
  15. Another car fire!!!

    Anything Auto
    Well, this time my Audi caught fire in the dash and burned to a crisp. Scratch one A6 Quattro! Had a small accident with it last week where a kid ran a stop sign and barely clipped my front end. The electronics started acting funny, and today it turned into a lump of charcoal. Crappy run of luck.
  16. ..and then the fire department came

    Anything Auto
    Took my Corrado out of the garage for the first time since September, drove a couple of miles and then the smoke started. We stopped, got out, and the smoke KEPT rolling out. Being an experienced vw owner I wasn't worried until I smelled something burning that wasn't oil. We called the fire...
  17. Engine cranks but does not fire....? Until you let it sit 15 minutes.... Ideas?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok.... So I took my car for a drive to see my friend, started normally....... After an hour or so I left and this time the car cranks but will not fire........ This same problem happened in the dead of winter...... So I remove the key and let the car sit for 15 minutes and then boom it starts as...
  18. Fire sale

    Testing Forum
  19. starter trying but getting cut off, wont turn over, no fire

    B5 Garage
    Hi friends, Im a no start right now-'01.5 V6 GLX ATQ. I can hear the starter getting power initially, (actually its kinda loud, I took the belly pan off) then its constant clicking as long as i hold the key down.. attempts from the starter ar simultaneous with entire instrument panel flashing. I...
  20. HID Bulbs taking 6-8 times to fire after replacement, need help please.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I have a 2004 Passat W8 4Motion Wagon that I just replaced that HID low beam bulbs on. The car had Hid's originally so I was not changing anything or adding anything, just the driver-side bulb had started to turn pink and was not turning on anymore so I figured it was dead. So I...