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  1. Fiat 500 with a Lambo Engine

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    What in the mother of f**k. Crazy Fiat 500 gets a 580-hp Lamborghini V-12 | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos
  2. Fiat 500 Abarth Revealed with 160-HP

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    Read the full story and see all the photos at
  3. Fiat Barchetta

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    Hi guys, Bought this car 5 years ago when I still lived in Belgium. Fiat Barchetta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mine is yellow and needs a little TLC. It's a long shot but does anyone else have this car? Any good mods for it (no pimp my ride whacky stuff though)? Does anyone like...
  4. Cabrio Fiat 500 Not Doing It For You?

    Anything Auto There's a grand tradition to mid-engined hatchbacks that blend exotic layout with utilitarian bodystyle, and as promised, that tradition has now embodied itself in the Fiat 500. Developed by Lucarelli Monza – a new tuning...
  5. Class Or Crass? Fiat 500 Cabby

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    Good news, lovers of open-air motoring: Fiat has just announced that its diminutive little 500 Cabrio will be hitting the U.S. market "just in time for spring" as a 2012 model. That's a little nebulous, mind you, as the announcement doesn't specifically say when we should expect the droptop 500c...
  6. 2012 Fiat Freemont

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    The 2011 Geneva motor show will host the debut of the new Fiat Freemont, which will go on sale in the second half of 2011. The Fiat Freemont built on the base of the Dodge Journey, is the first Fiat vehicle to come out of the partnership with the Chrysler Group. It will be produced in the...
  7. Fiat MultiAir Engine

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    This is amazing. No intake cam. All hydraulic and computer controlled. Adding modern diesel tech, a DSG style 8-speed trans and of course a big ass turbo (let the fake 'cam' take care of the turbo lag) and I think you could have a 40mpg screamer. It will be making it's way into Chrysler Jeep...
  8. you Americans, do you think of the landing in America of the FIAT?

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    Since you used to huge displacements on the car, you never buy a fiat? I, being Italian and knowing the Fiat, I did not buy ever: D I'd like to know your opinion on Fiat;)
  9. Fiat gets 35% stake in Chrysler

    Anything Auto{C54580BF-7CBA-4248-A5B9-79A9428DDDC2}&dist=google I'm so going to get an Alfa! I don't know how well this will work for Chrysler though. If MB didn't want it anymore, how's Fiat going to help them?
  10. One Pic, One Word: 1989 Fiat 126 Flat Out

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  11. Fiat dealer in Brazil

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    Here's the dealer's website.
  12. My Driving a Fiat! (long)

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    so maybe my "driving experience" is not quite as exquisite as Postman's (with the S5, R8 and the RS audis) but i still think its pretty exciting! i got to see and even DRIVE the brand new Fiat 500...right here in the states. it is currently the only one one our roads. it is here on a trip...
  13. Fiat 500 "estate"

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    This is the wagon version?!?!? regular abarth for comparison(only pic I have). it is larger i guess
  14. Fiat 126p vs. Porsche 911 turbo drag race

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    I posted this on Vortex few months back, thought I would share. I love things like this"] Here is what Fiat 126p (maluch) looks like ... Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE...
  15. In the Works: New Fiat 128 Retro!!!

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    Inside sources "in-the-know" state that this baby will be the entry-level offering in GM's new Alfa Romeo line, scheduled for sale in the US in 2006! Man, I can hardly wait!!!!! Check out this beauty!!!!
  16. Fiat 126p after tuning (56k)

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    here is another one more with more pics
  17. President of FIAT, Giovanni Agnelli passed away. Company sha

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    President of FIAT, Giovanni Agnelli passed away. Company shares went up 6,4%.... I think this is big news.. as i'm wondering what will happen to Maseratti, Ferrari and Alfa.. also, what will become of Fiat itself. Shares went up because most are thinking that now, GM can finally assume more...
  18. new Fiat coming out (video)

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