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  1. Not Waterfest, Raindrop fest

    Anything Auto
    In the incredibly, painfully rural area that I live, Passats are not often seen. As I drove along the paved road going through town I found myself behind two other B5.5's, then as we passed through town another pulled in behind us from a gas station and another off of a side street. May not have...
  2. South East Dub Fest - 29 Jan 2012, Melbourne Australia

    Events & Gatherings
    A new event, the third annual show will be held in Bundoora once again. It's a great day for water cooled VAG cars to show off. Shots from 2011 show: more: South East Dub Fest - Jan 2011 - VWDasher Forum Shot from the first ever SEDF, in 2010 More: South East...
  3. Is there any fest or meetings in bay area??

    Events & Gatherings
    Is there any VW club fest or meeting in Bay Area? San Jose? Cupertino? Sunnyvale??? :confused:
  4. Sept 11. Grapevine, TX. Italian Car Fest.

    Events & Gatherings
    10AM-4PM. It's free and right near my house. Always interesting cars there. Hopefully this year it will not rain. If there is interest we can meet up. Directions: Details:
  5. Got 2nd Place At The Freedom Fest

    The Showroom
    Yup! Pulled off 2nd place in the foreign group. So I thought she deserves a photo op so ....... Sorry got carried away. Link to more :rolleyes:
  6. Slovak fest II.

    Anything Auto
    Guys, I would like to share this video, which I can say is from the biggest VW fest ever in Slovakia Tell me what you think! :P
  7. vw fest uk

    The Showroom
    it has been a good day and here are my pics
  8. Fixx Fest 2007

    USA - South
    ANybody making it to Fixx fest this year?
  9. VW Fixx Fest 2007........

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    ANyone planning on going to Fixx Fest this year?
  10. My VW FIXX Fest Pics 56K STAY AWAY

    The Showroom
    I arrived there at about 10 something. I woke up at like 7 in the morning to leave there from Orlando and the day already started off bad. I woke up from my 3 hours of sleep and puked up the ribs i ate. Guess you shouldnt eat ribs before you go to sleep. Lesson learned. There were so many VW's...
  11. Event Coverage: 2006 Mid-America Corvette Fun Fest

    Anything Auto
    Just finished my article! yay! Event Coverage: 2006 Mid-America Corvette Fun Fest Deep in the heart of America, one ideal stands strong: Corvette owners love their ‘Vettes. The weekend of September 15th through 17th marked the 13th annual Mid America Corvette Funfest, a customer...
  12. Mitsuwa Fest

    The Showroom
    What does it take to gather fellow b5 enthusiasts in a 24 hour time frame? all we had to do was ask. for those that has known me for the past few years (like jroo-vw), you know i flake out on any oppurtunity for gtgs. i am telling you things come up! :D well, tonight was different. the gtg...