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  1. False “Passenger Door Open” but which one?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So a door lock mechanism obviously has a failed microswitch. The info screen just says “Passenger Door Open” at startup, and the open door light. And, worse, I think it is the culprit of a battery drain, probably from the puddle light staying on. But how would I find out exactly which one of...
  2. V6: false air to intake, bypassing MAF sensor

    B5 Garage
    I discovered today a loose worm clamp on my rubber pipe connecting intake manifold with the air filter housing. Not only clamp was loose but the rubber slip of the air filter housing and there was visible gap letting the air in, bypassing the air flow sensor... What symptoms would you expect...
  3. WTB: Rubber piece that sits in false firewall that connects brake booster hoses

    Parts For Sale
    Wrong section...sorry.
  4. False starts-03 1.8t Help!

    B5 Garage
    1.8t, manual transmission...about 170k on it. Been running great...had a coil pack update done this past spring and the car ran terrific! I just had an LOF at a dealership and since then, the car has become difficult to start, worse when cold. No warning lights on...yet. Any suggestions on...
  5. 2005 2.0 petrol sucking false air/ staggering

    B5 Garage
    Hi Folks, first of all thank you for all the information on this site, very usefull!!! but i've searched quite a bit and could not find a solution to my problem... I've got a 2.0l petrol passat (b5 2005 model) and on initial accelleration there is a short sucking air sound (from around the...
  6. false abs modulation?/ vagcom in CT?

    B5 Garage
    Hello everyone,first off i drive a 2002 1.8t. I think my speed/abs sensor went screwy. I replaced all rotors and brake pads(thinking maybe a warped rotor). Still the abs locks up at nearly stopped speed. The brakes work fine above about 5mph. Then the embaressing abs sound/ feel in the brake...
  7. False floor or trunk corner sub mounting SQ/SL question

    Mobile Electronics
    So I'm considering building a false floor or building rear corner mounting enclosures but was wondering how that affects the sound quality in the passat from those of you who happened to have done it. Right now, I like the way my subs sound the best when they are corner loaded in the rear of...
  8. Afghanistan: US killed civilians after false tip

    The Black Hole Looks like this war is really going down the toilet fast.
  9. Looking for some false floor sub/amp setups

    Mobile Electronics
    either vw or other makes, doesnt rly matter just looking for some ideas, pics or how-to's. i have a fairly good knowledge of woodworking so that shouldnt be a problem just need some designs, maby where to find the grey carpet or other stuff...
  10. False Prophets Profits.....

    The Black Hole
    Rev. Thomas Kerney's Fake Miracles Now this guy needs to go WAY-WAY-WAAAAAYYYY Down on Judgement Day!
  11. Anyone with a wagon have a false floor for sub install?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a Passat wagon and I use the cargo area regularly. I would like to install the 8" sub I have but have been running into a laundry list of frustrations that haven't allowed a stealthy install to happen: - no pre-fabbed stealth boxes made for my car - no good spot for a DIY custom stealth...
  12. A True or False question for everyone:

    The Black Hole
    True or False: Sean Hannity lies regularly on his radio talk show.
  13. True or False: Part 2

    The Black Hole
    Last one really didnt turn out too good.....I think the 2 paragaphs (in bold)on the bottom will hopefully be read and make these threads more friendly. So if you decide to answer PLEASE at least read those 2 paragaphs in bold letters. LESS IS MORE True or False? This is of course for...
  14. True or False: You have had AWE Tuning problems

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Specifically, with socketed Giac chips on, say, a 1998 1.8t. Be SPECIFIC. Be FAST. How often do I ask you guys for information? How often have I helped YOU? Do it for your pal Sharky!
  15. Valentine 1 false laser warnings?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This was mentioned in another thread, I generally disregard the laser warnings because they are frequent and strong. I get about half a dozen a week on a 120 mile per day commute. I was beginning to associate them with LED tail lights, can anyone confirm this? Is it an issue with the current...
  16. True or False?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Is this true??? " Starting in the 2001.5 model year, VW changed the 1.8T motor in the Jetta, GTI and NB. The motor code went from "AWD" to "AWW." My wife has an AWW motor. It no longer had the standard K03 turbo. Instead, it and the later version ("AWP" which began production in 2002 year...