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  1. FS: S600 Mercedes wheels aka Sloppy 5s with Falken 512 18x8.5/9.5

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    18x8.5/9.5 5x112 43et all around. Falken 512 215/40/18, 225/40/18 Only 1,000 miles on the tires. More examples here: - Sloppy 5's (s600 monoblocks) on mk4? This setup cost be around $1400 at the time. Selling for $700. Located in Pasadena.
  2. FS: S600 Mercedes Benz wheels with Falken 512 18x8.5/9.5

    Parts For Sale
    $1200 picked up. Greater Los Angeles area. 5x112 43et all around. Falken 512 215/40/18, 225/40/18 Only 1,000 miles on the tires. More examples here: - Sloppy 5's (s600 monoblocks) on mk4?
  3. FS: CT/NY 4 Falken Ziex ZE-912 195/60/15 tires pickup only

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    4 Ziex ZE-912 tires, between 7/32 - 8/32 tread left each, good condition. Sold the car I used to put them on the in summers. Pickup only in or near Danbury CT or Purchase NY please. $100 obo. PM me with offer. Update with ratings: Treadwear 480. Traction A. Temp A. Load/speed 88H.
  4. FS: OZ Hydra 18" Rims With Falken Ziex 329

    SOLD: OZ Hydra 18" Rims With Falken Ziex 329 SOLD I've got a set of 4 18" OZ Hydra 18" Rims off my former Passat that are sitting in my garage. They are currently wrapped in Falken Ziex 329's that have about 7000 km on them. The rims have seen 6 summers, so have some wear on them. I'll...
  5. WTB wheel(s): one or two Falken Koblenz gunmetal 18 x 8, 5x112, New or mint

    WTB/WTT Section
    WTB wheel(s): one or two Falken Koblenz gunmetal 18 x 8, 5x112, New or mint Like title says, looking for one (or two) Falken Koblenz gunmetal 18 x 8, 5x112 for my passat. New preferred, or mint.
  6. Fs: Wald duchatelet ii $425, falken 452 $425, or both for $700+

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    wheels are sold! the tires are excellent condition Falken 452's in 215-35-19 and 235-35-19. They have maybe 1500 miles on them? I drove to h20 and back, and a couple weeks of trips to my office 8 miles away. I can get exact tread depth measurement upon request. i'd like to get $425+shipping...
  7. Washed my load on Saturday

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    Hey fellas. Feelin' a little bit better about the wheel selections once I washed it. Still lowerin' it some more. Next are some new lights, timing belt, brake job from, tint the tail lights and windows. Ordered some blue H7's cause my driver side DRL went out. I'm gonna try my...
  8. For Sale: 19X8 Flik Justice with Falken Azenis

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    Hello guys, Up for sale is a set of 19 X 8 Flik Justice. They are 5x112 and et 35 The wheels are in very good condition. 1 has a minor bend but have NO leaks or vibrations at all. 1 has a curb damage that can be just sanded. Tires are Falken Azenis 235/35/19 with 80% life left $850 takes the...
  9. 2-225/40/18 Falken 512's (Brand New)

    Parts For Sale
    Alright so I have 2 brand new 225/40/18 Falken 512 tires for sale. I had plans on stretching them on my 10.5's however they just wouldn't work. So I ended up going some 235/40's. Like I said these are brand new, no miles on them. Looking to get $200 firm+shipping. Located in PA.
  10. FS: Wald Duchatlet II 19x8.5/9.5 with brand new Falken tires

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    Selling these for a friend of mine. Wald Duchatlet II's 5x112 Mercedes fitment. Lug holes fit OEM lugs (Do not need to be drilled out) 19x8.5 et38 215/35 19x9.5 et38 235/35 Tires are Falken fk-452's with 0 miles on them. Mounted and balanced already. Faces are stripped and shiny, not...
  11. FS: Falken Ziex ZE-912 All-Season Tires

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    Size: 225/40ZR18 92W PM for more info.
  12. FS: 18" Privat Netz and Falken Ziex ZE-912 all-season tires

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  13. 3 - Falken 225/45-17 Ziex ZE-912 & MM Spyder wheels

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    I have one Mille Miglia Spyder 17x7.5 5x112 wheel left (see my profile for pics of the wheels: This wheel does not have the stock finish as I refinished my four wheels in the spring of 2008. Installed the Falkens (really liked them BTW)...
  14. FS VW Passat Wheels and Falken ZE912 Tires 16x7 5x112 +37

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  15. Feeler: 4 Falken Koblenz 19x8 rims with new tires

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    Ive been looking to go back to 18' wheels, for a little bit of a softer ride and for a certain look on my wide body. Im looking to see what i could get for them, they could use refinishing and 2 of them could use some straightening here are the best photo's i have.
  16. Audi Sport 17's with BRAND NEW FALKEN FK4528 Tires

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    17 audi sports with a tiny bit of curbage nothing too noticeable at all. Rims are in excelent condition and tires have less than 20 miles on them. Falken 235/45/ZR17 94Y Falken FK4528 Tires purchased for 150 a tire. Rims sell for over 1000 at the stealership. Look great on stock suspension and...
  17. FS 18x8 Flik Artics with 245/40/18 Falken Azenis Tires

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    Correction - These Rims are 18x8 Flik Wasps. Looking to sell my Tires and Rims for 350$. The rims definitely aren't perfect but they looked pretty good on my car (MKV Gti) last summer. I'm in NYC Local sale is preferred. Here's some images.
  18. Set of 4 Adelaides with Falken 215/60/15

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    ******SOLD***** Thanks Tony...It was nice to meet and talk to you! Tires probably will need to be replaced soon, I will try and take some pics later today. The rims are in good shape with some curbage but nothing major at all. Looking for $100 for the set. Local pickup only. I'm in...
  19. Brand New Falken Ziex ZE912 - 215/45/17

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  20. Steelies with Falken tires (VA)

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    I have four steel factory wheels that came on my Variant with excellent condition Falken tires. Mounted, balanced, just sitting in my shed. $200 for all four. Virginia Beach. [email protected]