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    Has anyone ever changed out the faceplate...from the stock black background to a more daytime visible white? I've seen a few sites and even someone saying to use copy paper...but can it even be done. This is for an 04 passat variant v6 4motion. The black background on the instrument cluster is...
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    So, unfortunately I did not have a code for my radio, and after a battery disconnect it went into safe mode. When a mechanically-oriented friend attempted to remove it, to get the serial number, he damaged the metal housing prongs on the outside, and the faceplate. With the dash re-assembled...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    I have a 1998 Passat and the faceplate is all broken up. Anyone know where I can get just a replacement faceplate? Thanks. Tom
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a 1998 Passat and the faceplate is all broken up. Anyone know where I can get just a replacement faceplate? Thanks. Tom
  5. Classified Archive
    Switches included picture at $65 shipped in US. Paypal preferred
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    ok. guy i finally found the parts tha i need to do a double din swap so i think i will sell my single din faceplate i know this part runs around $180 to $220 (sh.. the one im buying is $240) but i just want to know how much would you offer me for it is in excellent condition heres some pics...
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    the title says it all my friends im trying to install a double din unit and i have a single din faceplate so if someone wants to get rid of one also if you have this parts and you have a single din radio i can trade you my faceplate and radio suport plus i give some money mine is a wood one, but...
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    WTB Monsoon for my 2000 GLS it is the one with the cassette player. i got into my car and the bottom is sticking out and it looks like someone pryed it up, but it was in the garage. wierd. but the bottom clips are broken and it is just the faceplate. Stock thou. i dont know if it makes a...
  9. Mobile Electronics
    so i just saw this the other day in my new crutchfeild catalog... i was lookin for a new cd player for my car bc im gettin bored with the one i have now and i wanted to be able to hook my ipod up directly to it and this pioneer i have now i cant do that unless i buy a $200 adaptor. anyways. this...
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    I have a Pioneer Avic-N1 hu and just recently one of the buttons on the faceplate stopped lighting up. It doesn't affect functionality but I was wondering if there's a way to fix this. I know I could buy a replacement but would rather not.
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    How's the best way to describe what I want to do? Um... I want to remove the stock double DIN HU. The aftermarket HU is single DIN. Crutchfield sells a kit that turns the single DIN space below the HU into a dash pocket. Rather than a pocket, what I really need is a blank faceplate. In this...
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    Nothing fancy, just my old trusty JVC KD-SH99. As most of you would agree, a silver faceplate sticks out in a black console like a sore thumb. A can of Testors Matte Black later, and now I'm happy. During the day... ...and at night. -- Lito
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    Folks, Which face place do you like best? I can't make up my mind. Plain black? or Wood grain?
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    my car came with a Blaupunkt Nevada RDM 168, but is missing the would i go about getting another one?