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  1. Need some expert eyes on a cv joint.

    B5 Garage
    So, I went to Marty at raxles to get a refurb. Turns out, 15yo car parts aren't really kept in stock anymore. So I chose to buy a refurb from detriotaxle on ebay. This thing is gross looking. It looks like they just replaced the boots and joints (maybe) and spray painted it. Like everywhere...
  2. FS: B5 FK Angel Eyes Projector Headlights

    Parts For Sale
    Selling my B5 Passat after picking up a new Golf, if anyone wants these I'll swap them before I sell the car. Paid like 400-500 back when I got them new. I'll take any fair offer. Located in RI, but willing to ship. I can take pics if anyone is interested.
  3. Need help wiring B5 headlight with CCFL Neon Angel Eyes

    B5 Garage
    So I bought this set off new projector headlights for my :b5: I thought these would be better because they don't have the dull washed out angel eyes I have seen around but apparently bright neon CCFL ones and have mono block design. In hindsight integrated indicators are probably not such...
  4. My B5.5 black sedan was STOLEN in VA; keep your eyes out DC/MD/VA members!!!

    USA - East
    Hey everyone, our B5.5 black sedan was stolen from a parking garage in Crystal City, VA today, sometime between 10am-2pm. The police have been notified and all authorities. What really sucks, is that the wifey's breast pump was in there for the baby + 2 car seats, phatbox, camera, etc... and...
  5. Passat 96-00 Angel eyes!

    Parts For Sale
    You are looking at my pair of angel headlamps to fit a 96-00 vw passat, will replace old lamps with no need of modification, will plug straight in to the loom, they do look well when fitted. I paid £130 to have them posted on but am now selling for £60 including postage. Sorry about poor...
  6. Through the eyes of others - WF17 Content

    The Showroom
  7. FS: APR 91 oct ECU, FK angel eyes, boost gauge, JOM badgeless grille

    Parts For Sale
    My car just recieved some heavy hail damage and the insurance company had made me an offer I can't resist to total it. I want to get rid of these aftermarket parts now! PM or post here for any questions. SOLD APR 91 oct NDBW ECU chip. for engine code: 8D0 907 557 P I loved this addition to...
  8. Angel eyes

    New Member Introductions
    If someone is looking for different headlights to him/her Passat B5, then I can suggest those. I have those in front of my car and it's just wonderful :) Colour temperature of bulb is nice bright a bit blue. I don't think that i lie if i say about 5000-6000 k. This post was especially made...
  9. How To Wire Halo / Angel Eyes With NO Euroswitch and Have ONLY Your Angel Eyes On.

    B5 Garage
    This is not going to be in great detail, nor do I have any pics as it was just me, myself, and I , and I needed to get this done in a hurry. But, after searching high and low on how to use ONLY my angel eyes (no other lights at all, just the angel eye "rings") in my DEPO headlights with NO...
  10. ANOTHER Angel Eyes Question!

    B5 Garage
    Hey guys, I just got a pair of DEPO Projectors with Angel Eyes and HID. They came with a pair of adapters that plug into the OEM wire harness, then the headlights. All works fine with the exception of the angel eye rings, which I know require more wiring. (If I can get that how to PDF that I...
  11. bulbs for angel eyes

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    what bulbs do i need to buy to change my angels from yellow to white ?? cheers
  12. HID Angel Eyes

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've been doing research on cheap eBay angel eye headlights, and I know that in general you get what you pay for. But these apparently include HID ballasts and bulbs. I just want to know if anyone knows anything about these, or if I should steer clear. I wanted new headlights since one's cracked...
  13. Wiring Harness for Angel Eyes

    New Member Introductions
    Where can I get a new wiring harness for Angel Eyes headlights without buying the whole set? This is the only piece I need and what is it called?
  14. FS: FK Angel eyes for a B5.5.......slightly broken

    Classified Archive
    Brand new, minus the 2 weeks I ran them. Adjusters don't work, therefore the passenger light blinds squirrels on the road, and the drivers side is stuck at a decent level height, but can't adjust. Driver's side chrome housing is also a tad loose. Angel eyes work, and the lenses/housing is...
  15. Devil eyes. not recomended for HID?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    so i just got my Devil eyes from TMtuning ( and put them in. the H1 bulbs are small and they are ok i guess. i can see good and all but not like my HID's i had on my OEM lights. it says on the housing that its not...
  16. I cant google anymore, my eyes burn

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    ok, so i have been loonking through pages upon pages of search results in google, as some of you know im new to the site, i recently saw a great kit made by votex on the forums andi like the design. I cant find a votex kit anywhere for sale for my b5. Now i was wondering two things..... Can...
  17. FS: B5 FK projector headlights with angle eyes and 6000k HID kit

    Classified Archive
    for sale mint FK project headlights, i had those imported directly from germany cause nobody had them in stock on this side of a pond. come with 6000k h7 hid kit. asking $300 or best offer plus actual cost of shipping. PM or email slayerrule at $280 shipped
  18. DIY FK angel eyes projector 2XHID installation

    Anything Auto
    A buddy of mines uses his easter Saturday, wakes me up and comes over my place 8:00am this morning to install his FK angel eye projector headlights with 2XHID kits, during the installation he wanted to make the high beam HID as well but sorry no stock for 8K slim ballasts so halogens it will...
  19. Custom Angel Eyes Headlights

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anybody install on their car these? or Want to see how it will looks on B5.5 with these angel eyes!
  20. FS: Devil Eyes Headlights

    Classified Archive
    FS: Devil Eyes Headlights B5 Passat This is coming off my 99 Passat. I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in my headlights. I loved these headlights but I just want to go back to a different look. Ive had it for 5 months with 8k HID's H1 bulb. I checked and no little leds are blown...