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  1. FS: 18"x7.5" Exel (wheels only) TORONTO ONTARIO

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    ****Prefer Local Pickup**** ****Located in Toronto, Ontario**** I just picked up a set of BBS LM's and now i am looking to sell my old wheels. They were only on the car for one summer, and never winter driven. Still in new condition. The only reason i am selling them is because i got a great...
  2. Wheel Max, Exel E-2's

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    A bunch of my friends decided they all wanted wheels, so i gave into their persuasion and decided on this set. I am getting an incredible deal so i figure the quailty of the rim is not my biggest concern. Has anyone even ran these wheels before? Can anyone recommend this brand to me? They are...
  3. FS: 17x7.5 Exel 307, w/ Hankook Ventus,5x112, et37

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    FS: BBS LM Look Exel 307, 17x7.5 w/ tires, 5x112, et37 FS: Wheels and tires Wheels: Exel 307, 17x7.5, et37, 5x112, hyper silver finish w/ machined lips Tires: Hankook Ventus 225/45/17 The wheels are near flawless and the tires have less than 7k on them with PLENTY of tread life left. Will...
  4. Feeler: 18X8 Exel 970

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    FS:18X8 Exel 970 **UPDATE 05/20/05 Selling a set of Exel 970's. All 4 rims have some degree of curbing on them, 2 worse than the others(see pics). One of the rims has a ding on the inner part of the rim but the tire still holds the air and can definately be driven on. Tires, Nankang NS-II, have...
  5. fs 18x7.5 exel roma w/ tires

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    hi guys i need to sell this wheels so i can help my family out cuz we are buying a house. i paid almost 1200.00 for it but i will sell it for 900.00. they are exel romas 18x7.5 with hankook ventus hrll h405 235/40h18. they have been on my car for about 5,000 miles. no scratches on the wheels...
  6. Hanamn?!! + other Exel questions.

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I really really realli like these wheels, and they are innexpensive, however I would rather they spelt Hamann correctly or just left the name off completely. :mad: I realize they are replicas., but what is the point of spelling the name incorrectly? If I wanted a fake Rolex, wouldn't I at...