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    Having owned and driven the old school evos, these are a blast to drive.
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    Staggered 19" Carlsson 1/6 Evos with front tires I have a set of 19" Carlsson 1.6 Evos..... front is 19x8.5 40mm offset rear is 19x10 45mm offset front tires are 235.35, rear tires are toast. Wheels are in good shape, have light scratches and some curbing, looking to get around 800...
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    UPDATE:: 1) whats this worth to you, anyone wanna make an offer... i dont need these and i just want some money.. not even a lowball.. thats odd, i need to fund my new projects 2) worst comes to worst would there be interest if i were to fix it to make it a complete set? I have a set of...
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    i'm possibly looking into buying some hp evo 18x8 5x112, and was wondering if anyone knows the following: -offset -weight -hub size (i.e. do i need a hubcentric ring, and if so, what size) -bolt hole (will the 14mm size for vw's work?) edit - can you use stock ball seat lugs with it, or do you...
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    Hey guys Im new to the site and I really love all the information,but Im still kinda slow...I have an Indigo Blue 2000 B5-I would like to put some '18 HP Evos(lightning hyper silver)Where can I purchase a set at a reasonable price and what size tires would be cool..also, are these wheels a good...
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    Hey guys, and girls, I am currently looking at a set of the evo wheels but i dont know if i love them or not. If possible could you post some pics of the wheels on your passats if not give opinions about the wheels. Thanks!
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    2 good kuhmo 712's ***UPDATE*** 4 wheels 18x8 hyper will post pics i dont want to ship but add 125 for shipping i will refund the differance if it is less then 125 and pay it if its over 125. florida 32305
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    as a last sacrifice i was thinking of selling my hp evos to guys with hp evos that want a full size spare or just a spare wheel just in would have a khumo 712 on it and be balanced...any intrest? shipping would be from florida not sure yet but i am curious...
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    im looking for a NICE set of 19s with tires(235/35) i have a set of 18" HP Evos with a dark grey center and a polished lip with nankang tires(225/40) there is some curb rash around the lips on all 4....2 of them its pretty deep and noticeable the other 2 u can hardly notice theyre blanced...
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    If anyone has 18'' HP Evos on their :b55: post some pics.. close up and whole body shots thanks
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    I have a 99' 1.8t passat and am looking to purchase some rims and tires. I am going to lower it as soon as I put the rims on. What do you think I should get, the 19" or 18" rims. Will they fit? any rubbing?
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    not sure if this is the right forum or if i am able to even post ebay links but i wanted to ask if these wheels will fit on my 99 passat cuz it seems like a pretty good deal. tia
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    what do you guys think of them? think about getting them in 17s... anyone know how much they weigh? leaning towards hp evos, bbs vz, and asa ar1s. any thoughts, comments?
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    I finally got my HP evo wheels from Wheel Guyz since waiting for 2 and a 1/2 months. I go to test fit my wheels on the car, and the size of the hub area (the center thing) on the wheel is to big for the hub on the car. Am i missing some step, PLEASE HELP ME. I dont know if its the manufactuers...
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    I have a set of 19" hp evo's that are brand new in the box and are staggered 8.5 and 9.5.. They are Hyper silver dark, in a 5x112 lug pattern with a 38 offset. HP Design centercaps are included along with valve stems. The asking price is 1,100 with shipping ne where in the continental U.S...
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    I finally got my Mille Miglia Evos (16 inchers...don't make fun of me), and Kumho Ecsta 716s (205/55R16)...long story with Tire Rack, but I don't have time to post it just now...and here are the pics: