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  1. does anybody even read these

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    just wondering
  2. URGENT (NEED HELP!) - I can't even get into my other thread that I just created

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Something is seriously wrong with my car (AND PASSATWORLD - I'm locked out of my own thread!) Is someone available to help with critical timing belt question??? I went in to grease the dowels on the tensioner pulley and the tensioning lever. Didn't think I did anything to change timing, but...
  3. Turbo Underboost code even with new Borg Warner K03

    B5 Garage
    Hey guys, I just replaced the turbo in my 2005 AWM Passat with a remanufactured Borg Warner. I checked the vacuum system for leaks and it seems to be tight, but I'm still not getting acceleration! It was having trouble getting past 60, and got the code for Turbo Underboost. I really don't...
  4. Serious overheating after using Prestone radiator sealer even after 3 full flush

    B5 Garage
    Hello everyone, especially members well versed in the mechanical and troubleshooting aspect of the B5.5. About a week ago took one of the most stupid decision of my life, used a sealer in my B5.5 in order to prevent any small radiator/cooling system leaks in the future. (advice seen in a video...
  5. Should I even consider doing a timing belt change on my B5

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi VWers, Back after a long time!. My B5 is at 178K, still running solid. Use it occasionally. No plans to sell it. The last timing belt was done at 90K. With that said the labor to change the timing belt is well over or close to the price of the car, I am contemplating if I should I even...
  6. Before I even got to enjoy her

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    Another B4 down. I got a wild deal on 3 B4s. One running the other two not. Sadly, only 3 months later - they are ALL GONE. The driver was rear ended so badly it was unfixable. One of the nonrunners didn't have a title so I stripped her, that caused the neighbors to call Code and they made...
  7. Even through all the problems...

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    I'll always love my vws
  8. Workshop Alternator + Red Battery Light (even after replacing the alternator) V6

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2003 Passat V6 4-Motion Sedan 245,000 KM - Battery replaced less than a year ago with the proper battery from the dealer. My alternator stopped charging while at idle and then wouldn't start (all lights in dash lit up, relay clicking...etc.). VW Dealer replaced 120 A Valeo alternator with a...
  9. Alternator makes a lot of noise even after new bearing

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This is really frustrating. My alternator is a MESS, a lot of noise comes from the alternator (not the alternator area, THE ALTERNATOR itself, just checked with a stethoscope - lol - plus the fact that the noise increases with the RPMs or/and as the electrical gremlims are turned on) Any other...
  10. Is this even fixable?

    Wax On, Wax Off
    So I haven't been around much here because I traded in the Passat for a b7 a4 in December. I love it in every way. Unfortunately, some douche hit me and I didn't realize it till a couple days later because the car was so dirty (buffalo winters.. I just give up from December till April). I got a...
  11. P0118 - Even after changing ECTS

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So, read a bunch of posts to see 1) where the frigging sensor was, and 2) how to bend like a pretzel. Surprisingly, my arm only got stuck once alongside the manifold ;-) Thanks for the posts. Anyway, old sensor with O-Ring out, new sensor and o-ring in. Pushed from top to seat well, and new...
  12. Even one cheap and easy mod can change a lot

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just one addition to my car has almost transformed the view of it (from the front).
  13. Newbie 1st post.. And a question even

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    Interesting.. I have to post couple of posts here to be able to post anywhere else :hmmm: Forum looks good for a VW first timer though.. Actually I do even have one question, regarding the cleanup of leaves...
  14. Electrical System / Key Positions - How do they even work, yo?

    Anything Auto
    Pre-thread edit: This thread is my bad guessing at how the electrical system in a car works, there is no need to read it unless you want a good laugh. I am happy with just an explanation rather than a direct reply. ------ This isn’t necessarily Passat-specific, but we can use the Passat as an...
  15. cold 2002 V6 4motion will crank but no start even with jump

    B5 Garage
    Sorry if this thread seems redundant- I've searched for days through the other similiar threads, but still no luck... :banghead: Here it is: 2002 V6 4motion wagon, 137k mi, bought a year ago. pretty sure all the 100k mi maintenance was done. Drove it a bunch last sunday with no problems...
  16. cold start question...or maybe even a problem?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Some times when i start my car (2002 passat wagon 1.8t) when its cold out (say 0 degrees canadian terms) after sitting all night my car does not do the normal cold start where it idles high and what not. some mornings it does through its cold start process and sometimes it does not. :crazy...
  17. Stubborn P0011 code even after replacing CCT (and other stuff)

    B5 Garage
    2001 1.8 AWM. 109,000 miles; owned for 9 years and hoping to get to 200,000+ miles. I've been fighting a P0011 code since August. In addition to the code the car rattled for about 1 second on start up. Here's what's been done since the code started: 1. Replaced serpentine belt tensioner...
  18. Cleanest and most efficent Oil Filter it possible even?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    A couple weeks ago I changed my oil for the first time since ive owned my b5.5 2003. The filter was a nightmare. I put plastic bags around is and underneath but still got oil all over the bottom of the engine and skid plate. does anyone have tips on a far better way of doing this? I felt like...
  19. so new I don't even have my VW yet

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    Hi there all. New to the forum, but I've been reading for weeks already. I don't quite have my new 2012 Passat yet, but eagerly awaiting it's arrival. It entered the production line last Thursday so it'll be a few weeks before I see it. Tungsten Silver/black interior SE TDI w/ sunroof and...
  20. Oil Smoke Out Exhaust even after new turbo! HELP :(

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2001.5 1.8T AWM So I thought my Frankenturbo blew, since my car started burning oil a few weeks ago. Blue smoke comes out of the exhaust when I first start to accelerate, and a lot when I start the car hot. My car was going through turbos every year or so, so I thought it had just blown...