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    Hey guys, I am getting a custom europlate for christmas and I just want to see some of the creative and funny plates you have. So, lets see em!
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    Here are some used parts from my recent B5.5, (4) OEM Springs approx 15K miles on them (shocks gone) Pic - Asking $50. + Shipping ------------------ Orion AMP Like new (had left over from my GTI); Paid $200 new...
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    My :b55: is stock, but I like the look of the europlates. Do you think it will look foolish if I put one on the front end ?
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    or I would be interested in looking at some Euro rub strips that can hold the plate as well. just let me know if you have anything wanting to get rid of. thanks.
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    have any of you been getting nailed with tickets? if so, how bad is the fine?
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    I recently purchased a euro plate and was wondering how to mount it? help is greatly appreciated TIA
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    After months of waiting, I finally got my Euro plates. Thanks to Julian for setting up the group buy from . We get a 25% discount on our order. I must say that the quality of the plates are top notch and I cant complain about them at all. See for yourself. If you...
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    Woohoo! I finally got 'em. Thanx to julianfang for hosting the GB, I got the plates a couple days after I ordered it thru :D Well, I guess u can sorta see my new rims :D
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    STORY FIRST, OPINIONS NEXT! The bungholes that I bought my car from (in NJ) drilled 4 sweet holes in my pristine bumper for a front mount license plate that I told them I didn't need. - I'm registered in Florida. The Band-aid fix was me painting the plastic screw covers with touch up paint...
  10. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My RS4 bumper is on and now I need a Europlate to go with it, where are you guys gettin em from? I know eBay has them but they have to ship from Germany. Thanks in advance. :)