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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hey so i'm about to order VMR V710s 18x8.5 et35 wrapped in 225/40s and i'm trying to figure out the perfect offset for making the wheels flush with the fender (would rather more on the poke side than tuck side if not perfect). First of all, without any spacers, would I be looking at stock...
  2. Parts For Sale
    It has finally come time for me to sell BBS RX wheels. I love these wheels, but I am contemplating a new car, so I am putting these up for sale. 18x8 et35 5x112 bolt pattern NEVER seen snow - these were only on my car during the summer The wheels are all true and straight. No Bends or Cracks...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Just like it says. Audi Pie Plates. Oem. 17x8 et35. 225/45 Hankooks 1Slight bit of rash on 1 or 2 wheels Fully balanced $500 firm Best way to contact is email [email protected] Rims and tires r great ready to throw on and go
  4. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I have a 2009 B6 and I wanted a more aggressive stance. I found the wheel I want but not to sure about its fitment. Is anyone running these Specs 19x9.5 ET35 all around.
  5. Parts For Sale
    Oettinger RZ 18x8 ET35 5x112 with New Tires, gloss black power coated center with polished lips. No center caps. $1000 pick up in SoCal (92602). Ryan
  6. WTB/WTT Section
    I'm looking to buy two OZ Ultraleggera wheels to complete a set of two that I already own. Curb rash & cosmetic damage is OK, but no bends or cracks please! Wheels need to ship to the Kansas City area, and I'm willing to buy single rims if multiple offers come in. PM me if you have something to...
  7. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Need some advice to sort my confusion. I'm looking to order new 18" wheels. I know the stock offset on the B5.5 is 37mm and the wheels in question are available in both 8.5" and 9.5" widths and et35 and et45 offset. I wanted et35 but the gent at the wheel shop is trying to convince me that the...
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I would normally buy 225/45-17's, but a local guy is selling the above setup from his Audi at a good price, so I need to know if it will fit the wifes family car. It's at stock ride hight, and if I ever lowered it I would not go lower than 1BE springs (minus <20mm). Thanks!
  9. Parts For Sale
    For sale are my coveted Borbet Type E wheels. They're a 5 X 112 bolt pattern compatible with Volkswagens and Audis. I had them on my B5.5 Passat for a few years. They will fit a bunch of vehicles. If you have any questions, just ask. The wheels are 17 inch wheels, 8 inches wide, backspacing is...
  10. Parts For Sale
    I'm moving at the end of the month from MD to CA and selling my car/parts. These wheels were on my old B5.5 that was involved in an accident but they were not on the car at the time. I never bothered mounting them to the new B5.5 I bought after that. They have some rash but are generally in...
  11. WTB/WTT Section
    Subject just about says it all. Not looking for a full set, as I already have 'em on the old gal; but one of em's bent on the inside edge! :mad: Hoping to get it repaired, but may need a replacement. Either way I'd like to score a spare or 2 for when/if it happens again. Located in Northern...
  12. Parts For Sale
    Set of Carlsson 1/6 Diamond Edition 18x9 ET35 w/ 225/40/18 Conti Sport 2 sold
  13. Parts For Sale
    Email me for pics, they are in excellent shape, currently have tires on but will be removing them. Shipping is extra, from Philadelphia area. email is: oreilly77 at
  14. Parts For Sale
    As the the title states for sale are VMR v713 hyper silver 19x8.5 et. Bridgestone 245/35 RE-01 tires which have incredible traction. No bends or rash, good condition. Tires about 70% or so life left. In Cleveland/Akron area. 1100 obo.
  15. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Like the title says, I threw a set of TSW Montages on in 19x9.5 ET35 just for sh!ts and giggles. Being a TSW dealer among other brands, I got tired of looking at the stock rollers and decided to try this fitment. I may have to pull 'em off when we install the Airlift XL's as the fronts may be...
1-18 of 74 Results