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  1. Exciting F1 Race Today - will replay at 3 EST on NBC Sports

    Anything Auto
    Wonderfully exciting race from Malaysia today. If you're not a college basketball fan I recommend you watch the replay on NBC Sports network at 3 eastern. F1 has certainly been some of the best racing the last few years.
  2. Passat est suspension

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i have been thinking about replacing all my springs and shocks for some time now, i think i broke a spring today as im very low on front n/s will look tommorow if it stops raining,lol anyway there seems to be a big vairiation in prices , can anyone in the UK point me in the right diraction for...
  3. :: ECS Tuning :: Now Open Until Midnight (EST) !!!

    Vendor Marketplace
    ECS Tuning is happy to announce that our phone sales staff will be available from 8:30am until Midnight! That's right, Monday through Friday you can reach any of our phone sales staff until Midnight (Eastern Standard Time).
  4. Speed TV noon EST, 11 CST today - check out this race!

    Amateur Motorsports
    Just thought I would put the word out - the SCCA G-Production national championship race will be aired today. This will be a good race for VW fans to watch ;).
  5. Spotted: Silver B5 3/15/06 @ 5:15PM EST NJ

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Silver B5, angel eyes, 18s possible chrome. not lowered. rt 46 east bound going toward GWB. i passed on left, honked twice and went WOT.
  6. Powder Coating Est.

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Just wondering what people have paid to get their 18" rims or rims period powder coated. I have HP Evos, so there isnt much to paint, and leaving the lips polished. Thanks for the help!:thumbup:
  7. FS - 2005 reg Passat Highline est 130ps TDi

    NOW SOLD. FS - 2005 reg Passat Highline est 130ps TDi As per the title, I am selling my Highline estate. It is a 130ps TDi and finished in a metallic gun metal grey. It was registered 27/01/2005 and is a 54 reg. It is a completely standard vehicle, with Volkswagen mudflaps. It has also got...
  8. Nov. 1, 8:43 a.m. EST, Fox News Calls Florida for Bush

    The Black Hole
    :poke: ok, this is my only childish post regarding the election.
  9. ACTIVE: BBS wheels with SPP, ENDING on DEC 7TH at 9PM EST

    Group Buys
    This GB is with SPP ( For the GB prices, a total of 48 wheels in any combination (not 48 sets) of those below are needed. End date: we are shooting for mid-November Please note that since last GB on BBS back in March, some retail prices have gone up significantly...
  10. went to the dealer today... est. at least $430 installed for

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    went to the dealer today... est. at least $430 installed for axle asslembly About 10 days ago, I started experiencing a slight rattling noise when I would turn my wheel to the right just a little bit, and go over small tiny bumps... then it got real annoying... even though my car drives and...