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  1. Car Reviews & Videos
    Read the complete 2013 Ford Escape Review and watch the video at
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was driving at around 70 mph. and saw a large piece of blown tire right in the middle of the street. Since it was a single lane road, I thought, I can drive over it, but as the car went over it, it hit something on the underside of the car (maybe some rotating shaft) with a large sound and it...
  3. Anything Auto
    We dropped off my Mom's 2002 Ford Escape at the dealership for a couple of recalls. She needs a new key and the dealership wants to charge $122 for 1 key of $140 for 2. So I asked the service guy if the key was a different price without programming. He said it was $22 :confused: but they need to...
  4. Anything Auto
  5. Anything Auto
    Finally an SUV I could see myself driving: the 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid. They're guning for 35/40mpg city/highway with a slight penalty for the 4wd models. Check out the details at Saturn is supposed to have hybrid power for the VUE...
  6. Anything Auto
    Call me crazy, but a $3000 upgrade over an XLT model is a bit extreme for 8MPG. Do people realize how long it will take to recoup that cost in savings at the gas pump? I believe the MSRP is 26-28K dollars. Why on earth would anyone spend that kind of money on a mini-ute to begin with?
  7. Anything Auto
    That sound is enough to drive you nuts. The seatbelt warning dings ALL the time if you don't have it pulled out or are wearing it. It's my Mom's car and she doesn't always wear her seatbelt so she will wrap the belt around her left arm to fool the warning indicator to keep it from dinging every...
1-7 of 15 Results