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    Another B4 down. I got a wild deal on 3 B4s. One running the other two not. Sadly, only 3 months later - they are ALL GONE. The driver was rear ended so badly it was unfixable. One of the nonrunners didn't have a title so I stripped her, that caused the neighbors to call Code and they made...
  2. B5 Garage
    Recently did mine and decided to record it as well.
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    Originally Posted by SLIDELL — Police cited the driver of an 18-wheel-gas-tanker truck on drag racing, Slidell Police reported Wednesday. They also cited the driver of a 1995 red Honda Accord on drag racing after clocking the two vehicles going more than 80 mph on Old...
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    I thought I'd see if anybody finds this helpful. :) Click Here
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    alright went out with a few buddies and had a little shoot. More will be added once my buddy get's them all uploaded through flickr. He is still learning the camera, so don't be too harsh. Also not too sure why he incorporates the weird angles. Enjoy. MK4 content...lil bro's car...
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  8. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Just wanted to share my parents's Passat 1.6
  9. Classified Archive
    RIP to my first Passat.... (I now drive a W8 :lol: ) Many of you have read about my misfortune. My timing belt blew, and I tried to revieve her, but it just didn't really work. I spend over 5000 frosties on parts, I thought it would be a fun project, but I had to pull the plug on it. Now...
  10. The Showroom
    This is a good little video my friend put together, VW/Audi/retarded kids content:lol: Just a bunch of random shit from my car club, we will be producing a DVD after H20 this summer, around X-Mas, maybe earlier....we should have a nice DVD out, but heres somethign to keep u busy here we go...
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    When I go out to my car at 4:30 in the morning and find the below "problem" I can log on here and see that I am not the only one to experience such pain. The car is a CPO and the dealer suggested they might cover it, so I've got them finding out exactly where it came from. It smells like...
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    mods are: 2004 VW Passat GLS 4 cyl 1.8T sedan Anthracite Blue debadged silver reflex tint Hofele Sport Grill 19 " Moven M16 wheels...............sold w/ 235/35-19 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2...............sold new wheels 17" RS4 replicas w/ BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2 Bilstein Sport Shocks...
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    heres my car..ive had it for 2 weeks now:lol:
  15. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Been wanting to do this since I bought the car in 02 but didn't want to blatantly void the warrantee. I had bought a defective gauge cluster in 02 and used it to mock-up and glue the crescent of leds that are behind the gauge face. I also used all the leds from that cluster to make my after...
  16. Anything Auto
    Was poking around on AW and this thread was linked; it's a WRX forum.;f=3;t=009243;p=3 If you read into it, you'll notice this. It made me feel proud to drive a Passat on another level. :) Even if I drive a porky V6!
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    Hey! It was soo nice out today, that i decided to have a photoshoot. About the car: 1998 1.8T GLS 92K miles currently 5-speed Mods: 18" Arelli Czar Rims on Kuhmo Ecsta Supra Tires K&N filter Hella Projector Headlights...
  19. The Showroom
    This winter I added a few new things... 1. Boeser CF hood(finally fixed and painted, 1 of maybe 6 or 7 in existence) 2. Goodyear eagle F1's on the BBS Ch 3. New exhaust tip for my tt catback, i wanted to go with more of the Gli style. 4. Jons tinted tails, light-medium, these change the look of...
  20. Anything Auto
    "The idea behind producing the Enjoy sportscar is that Pininfarina wants to first weigh the interest of collectors and enthusiasts towards a special car, which is supposed to be manufactured and sold in only 75 units during 2005 to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary. Louis Vuitton also...