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    aluminum billet plate holder.. sells for 49.99 plus shipping on I used it for a couple shows with the passat. perfect shape. 28.00 shipped/paypaled [email protected] thanks!
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    30 shipped.. retails for 50.00+ shipping on neuspeeds .. i used it for a couple shows..and took it off. real metal..very sturdy..not cheap plastic stuff.|B5&type=13&ltype=ns_euro&p_id=1125 clicky above for information. thanks...
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    Gents - another very cool product coming our way. Top quality, Perfect Fit Door Sills. I just made a contract directly with the manufacturer in England. Quality is seriousely TOP. Price IMO is great for such product. I will get them in 2 weeks and they will be right around $75 -$78...