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    Selling a pair of lightly used (4 months old) Hertz High Energy HSK 165, 6.5" component set. Purchased from authorized hertz dealer, receipt available. One of the best sounding speakers for the price point. More information available at: HERTZ - Special Car Stereo Asking $260 for the set.
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    I have two (2) OZ Energy 17" wheels. Mounted with Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sports. I was converting from 18s since the roads on Oahu were too much of a beating for the family hauler. The tranny failed a week later, so the car went and I need to sell the wheels. $375 for 2 Wheels and Tires...
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    Here's what i'm looking at getting: Goodyear TripleTread $130/ea. Continental ExtremeContact DWS $110/ea. Michelin Energy MXV4 $147/ea. They'll go on a V6 4mo wagon. does anyone have any recommendations? Please let me know which ones you have tried...
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    S O L D ! ! This is a well rated, All Weather M&S of Michelin's Grand Touring line: Michelin Energy MXV Plus OEM sized 205/55/R16. Local Pkup Only in San Diego. Picasa Web Albums - Anson - 16 inch Michelin Energy MXV PLUS 20555R16 (OEM sized for Passat)
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    Tires dilema ... Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 or Kumho Ecsta ASX Hi, I mentioned before I am moving to Germany and did the few required mods for my B5(V6) so now I noticed that that my tires are rated "H" (up to 130mph) and 3 are not E-coded/complaint 1 is Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 (E-rated 1000...
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    as title states I need both the front and right energy absorbers to clarify these are the metal posts that hook to the front reinforcement bar under the bumper cover, they connect to the lock carrier via a 4 bolt flange looking piece with I believe torx bolts, thanks!
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    Hey everyone, Trying to get rid of a set of MAK Energy Wheels. They are in really good condition and are all wrapped with Kumho Ecsta 215/55/16. Just want to get a little bit of cash for them. These could make a great set of spare wheels! Specs: 5x112 ET 45 16 in wheel Asking $300...
  8. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    VW Launch Energy Drink-8.3 Fl Oz VW Launch Energy Drink-Case Please click the images for pricing and more information.
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    Free 16x7.5 mak energy Anyone in the immediate Simi Valley/surrounding needing a 16x7.5 wheels MaK Energy 5 spoke- lotsa curb are center caps, but perhaps best as winter/auto-crossing wheel?I was going to have it repaire(refinished) but i have other plans for my $$. I...
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    For Sale: 17" MAK Energy Wheels I have a set of 17" MAK Energy Wheels for Passat/Audi also might work with MK5 models too. The wheels are 5x112 in a silver finish. I think 2 of the wheels have a terrible clear coat finish. I was planing on resurfacing all the wheels to a satin black finish...
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    I bought 4 during a group buy way back in '00 or '01. I think one of them is bent, so I'm just looking for a spare wheel or two. -Tregate
  12. The Showroom
    Went to Central Oregon yesterday to check up on a project, a substation that collects energy from wind turbines. The turbines are absolutely gigantic; the towers are 213 ft tall, and have a rotor diameter of 231 ft (20 ft longer than the wingspan of a 747-400). :icon_eek:
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    Brand New tires (4) 195/65 R15 Michlelins Energy MXV4 S8. They only have 300 miles and came off a 2007 jetta. If interested: I am asking 150$ + shipping, I will ship via DHL Payment accepted via paypal @ [email protected] I also have (4) new 5x100 steelies with hubcaps asking 150+ shipping ( i...
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    Brand New tires (4) 195/65 R15 Michlelins Energy MXV4 S8. They only have 300 miles and came off a 2007 jetta. item will be shipped DHL If interested please e-mail me at [email protected] or post in thread looking to get 250$ shipped or 200$ pickup. Payment accepted via paypal @ [email protected]
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    Complete Set of four Michelin energy MXV4 S8 195 65R 15 91H Tires mounted on 15" 112 X 5 steel wheel with 4 VW hub caps 375.00 local Long Island pickup email me @ [email protected] or IM thanks
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    A set of 4 Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 tires 91H, new car take offs, 12 miles on them, in new condition. Can still see the molding excess (?) on the tread (last pic). (if they did have miles on them, these would be worn off) They sell for $129/each through $390 obo.
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    Set of 4 Michelin Energy MXV4 tires, 2 at 6/32", 1 at 7/32", 1 at 7.5/32" 2 have patches in the center tread (not close to the sidewalls) SOLD!!
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    My MXV4's are ready to replace - only thing I like about these tires is the dry ride/comfort - they are crap in wet weather and are very overpriced. Looking at the Potenza G009 and the Falken Z512. I realize both will be a step up in all performance categories, but would either be as...
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    FS: Set of Wellington wheels w/ Energy tires *** SOLD! ***
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    16" Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus M+S Tires, Nearly New - $200 takes the set! OEM tires off of my '05 Passat GLS. 205/55R16 Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus M+S All-Seasons Used for almost exactly 5,000 miles. Tread looks like new. These are pricey tires brand new......$127 each at Tire Rack...