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  1. AIG employees hand over the bonuses, now it's time for Politicians!!!

    The Black Hole
    How many here feel that Politicians should be handing back their campaign contributions (that wasn't wasted) / lobbying money / any contributions back to American taxpayer??? How about cutting down the House of Reps in half? No raises.... We can no longer afford our government and the...
  2. General Motors offered buyouts to 74,000 employees - its entire U.S workforce!

    Anything Auto
    The nation's largest automaker announced the latest round of buyouts as it reported another loss on its core auto operations in the fourth quarter, which combined with charges taken earlier in the year left GM (GM, Fortune 500) with a company-record $38.7 billion net loss for 2007...
  3. Why are AutoZone Employees so Dumb (or by the book)???

    Anything Auto
    I thought I would give a small rant and I know people out there have felt my fustration as well I'm sure... My wife's check engine light comes one (98 Honda Accord-4 banger) and I pull the code. It gives me a P0420 which I research and it means either an O2 sensor is going bad but didn't...