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  1. Trump's team used Facebook to win election.

    The Black Hole
    I watched the 60 Minutes segment about how Trump's team used Facebook to win the election. The November 2016 surprise result was not just for most of America, but also for most of Facebook employees - they collectively didn't think the Republicans had enough tech savvy people to utilise their...
  2. Sad times for Election 2016 - just my opinion

    The Black Hole
    The crisis of democracy is found Globally. The best people refuse to enter the race, for manifest reasons, but I think dealing with a shark frenzy media would make all but the largest ego's avoid the situation. Now USA has the stage, one corner is a female that few like, the other corner is an...
  3. Ten months till a presidential election and no political rhetoric?

    The Black Hole
    What's up with you guys?!? Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Rand Paul, O'Malley, Sanders, Hillary????? I know you have your opinions! :lol:
  4. Don't know what to make of NYC election

    The Black Hole
    The results of the election to fill the seat left by Anthony Weiner are quite unexpected but I'm not quite sure how to interpret the outcome. It would seem that the Jewish community turned out in force to use the election as a sounding board to let Obama know that they disagree with his stance...
  5. More anecdotal evidence Obama stole the election?

    The Black Hole The director happens to be a life-long democrat, whom initially did this to prove people wrong....
  6. Obama Lays Plans to Kill Expectations After Election Victory

    The Black Hole What a shocker; after chanting "change" and "hope" don't expect it anytime soon.
  7. WTF is up with the little election signs in your front yard...

    The Black Hole
    So I was thinking, all this stink is being made about these little signs people put in their front yard, telling you who they support. Is it that important that you have a sign of who you support in your front yard? Should you have more than one if you really like Obama? Does it help to...
  8. Should election day be a federal holiday?

    The Black Hole
    Discuss. I think it should. That way there is no excuse not to vote.
  9. Michael Moore mocks Canadian soldier after (Canadian) election debate

    The Black Hole Excerpt: Cameron Ross, a full colonel with the Canadian Forces, was at the debate because local Conservatives nominated him their candidate for the Sault riding. When Ross declined to meet with Moore for a post-debate interview, the...
  10. Race, reason, and the election (LONG RANT)

    The Black Hole
    It's been a long time since I have gotten angry about politics but lately I have been near livid. I have been thinking about this a LOT recently, especially in light of news reports mentioning calls to kill Obama, people shouting about him being an "Arab", "traitor", "treason" etc. It shocks and...
  11. Why this Obama voter is still nervous about Election Day...

    The Black Hole Cue the dueling banjos.
  12. Funny Election Fodder

    The Black Hole
  13. Will the VP selection have an impact on the election?

    The Black Hole
    Typically, I don't think VP candidates have been a serious consideration among voters at the polls. However, I wonder if that might change with this election. My initial thought is that the VP pick could be the deciding factor in the race. Thoughts? The people that tend to participate in...
  14. Canadian Members - the Election is on Jan 23. Which Party are you supporting?

    The Black Hole
    Who do want to see as your next Prime Minister and why? Paul Martin (Liberal), Stephen Harper (Conservative), Jack Layton (NDP), or Gilles Duceppe (BLoc).
  15. Happy Iraqi Election Day!

    The Black Hole
    The purple finger of democracy marches on!
  16. US Election coverage harder on Bush

    The Black Hole
    Saw this Reuters story today: I tend to think part of this comes from the fact that Bush was the sitting President and was open for criticism for anything he'd done, where as Kerry was more of a "behind closed doors" Senator who had a rather meager public record to be criticised on. I could be...
  17. Lighter side of the Iraqi election

    The Black Hole
    Look who's name is in there Sharky! I lost it when I saw that. :biglaugh:
  18. An election to anoint an occupation

    The Black Hole
    Tony Blair and George Bush were quick to characterise Iraq's election as a triumph of democracy over terror. Bush declared it a "resounding success", while Blair asserted that "The force of freedom was felt throughout Iraq". And yet the election fell so completely short of accepted electoral...
  19. Jan. 30 - Iraqi Election Predictions

    The Black Hole
    Despite any real plan for Iraq by the evil Bush administration, January 30th will mark the first post-Saddam regime elections for Iraq. There are obviously a lot of people that don't want this to happen. Some people think Iraq is a quagmire...others not so much. So with this important date...
  20. Onward Christian Soldiers... an election postmortem

    The Black Hole
    Agree with him, or not, but can he write, or what? Onward Christian Soldiers