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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a 2004 Passat wagon 1.8t auto that is completely stock. I plan on lowering it using KONI orange shocks (STR.T KIT-82501001) and eibach pro kit lowering springs (8568.14). They seem to offer only springs for 1.8t sedan and v6 wagon, but no 1.8t wagon. I was wondering if the sedan springs...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, I decided to make a thread about the visual and actually any mods (maintanence, etc) for my car. It will make it easier for people when they search. I have been enjoying my 2003 Passat Wagon V6 for a while now but the suspension has really been annoying me as it's actually quite...
  3. WTB/WTT Section
    no longer needed
  4. Parts For Sale
    Feeler Price: $550 OBO (shipping not included) - also includes: all corners cut to size bump stops, dust covers, and the front components will come as an assembly (spring/shock/mounting plate/strut mount and bearing) -- does not include: rear shock mounts Will fit any B5/B5.5. In great...
  5. WTB/WTT Section
    Looking for eibach pro kit springs for my 1.8T 2003 FWD manual passat. No DRIVEN GEAR!..
  6. Parts For Sale
    For B5.5 V6 FWD. Bought off of here a few years ago, put them in the garage and forgot about them. Since sold the car. These are brand new, never installed. Found them again today. Paid $145 shipped and will do the same for someone here. Cont. U.S. only. Can text pictures if you like. Thanks...Jim
  7. Parts For Sale
    Koni, Eibach Koni sport shocks/struts, 1998 - 2005 Passat , new, $550 Eibach springs, 2001.5 - 2005 Passat wagon, new. $175
  8. Parts For Sale
    Have a set of Eibach springs which came off a 1999 Passat V6. Lowers the car approx 1"-1.5". Not sure how many miles they have on them. Part # on front springs is 1541.001. Part # on rear springs is 8557.002 $130 shipped in continental US
  9. Parts For Sale
    Hello there, I have a few things on sale. Eibach Lowering Springs, BSA 24mm Spacers, and BBS LM Reps for sale. Eibach Springs are brand new in the box haven't even opened it. Cost about 350 brand new, Im willing to let go for 300 obo. My loss is your gain. BSA 24mm Spacers are also brand new...
  10. WTB/WTT Section
    WTB: Koni Yellow or Koni FSD This is for Passat 2001.5 FWD 1.8T engine EDIT: Koni shocks only needed now.
  11. Parts For Sale
    Hello all, For sale is a pair of Eibach coils. $100 for both. OBO. (plus shipping) P.S:I removed the shocks and it takes about 30-45 seconds for the compressed rods to extend back to their normal positions. I am not sure if they are still good but I will throw them in for free. Thanks
  12. Parts For Sale
    I have a set of Eibach springs for a FWD V6 Passat. B5 or B5.5. under 5k on them. Located in Lancaster PA, will ship on buyers expense. $130 OBO
  13. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello all, So, I went to the junk yard today to return the cc modules. In the junk yard, I saw a 2001 SW 1.8T with almost new Eibach Pro Kit front shocks. The boot and other rubber components are crack free. The car is intact. No body damage. Would the kit give me a better ride? I have been...
  14. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was doing a brake fluid flush the other day and noticed that my rear Eibach Pro System bumpstops were still attached to the damper arm, but were torn to pieces. This seems really odd considering the OE bumpstops were still intact after 8 years and 90k miles. These have just 5 years and 50k...
  15. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello! OK So thanks to the help of PassatWorld, I'm getting a G2 supercharger system in my 2.8L V6 30v Passat (not a wagon) so I've got all the HP / torque stuff down, now it's about suspension. I am interested in this kit: Eibach 8576.780 Pro-System Suspension Kit: Automotive and...
  16. Parts For Sale
    I have a full set of lightly used Eibach sport springs for a FWD V6 passat. They are in great shape, rode and handled great! only 6k on them! Looking to get 150 OBO plus shipping. Will get picks up later today!
  17. Parts For Sale
    Eibach Pro-Kit----$175 (MSRP-$369) (FREE SHIPPING) <-------SOLD! ECS Tuning Spacers---$35 (MSRP-$44.95) (FREE SHIPPING) Contact me at [email protected] if interrested I am selling selling the Pro-Kit because I changed my setup to H&R springs. I occasionally do Auto-X and I wanted a more a...
  18. Vehicles For Sale
    Car has 120,000 miles on it but is very clean and runs well. I since bought a 2012 Touareg. Does anyone have any idea an approx value on cars from this year? All maintanance has been done. Timing Belt around 85,000 and all brakes/rotors in the last 15,000. I am going to sell it I just have...
  19. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Spring Performance Sale - Pretty decent deals. Especially on the eibach pieces. Just thought I would let everyone know.
1-20 of 464 Results