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    So I currently have an EFK but using a temp switch sucks. It's almost impossible to adjust, making it either on all the time or not at all. I need to replace the radiator soon anyway so I am looking to just tap into the stock fan auxiliary switch in the bottom of the radiator I currently have...
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    The other week the shaft bearing for the cooling fan exploded in my 04 Passat GLS. The failure was catastrophic as the engine compartment was showered with ball bearings and the shaft had a full inch of play from side to side. The radiator survived intact so I was able to cut off the...
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    I have a Electric fan and ECS underdrive crank pulley installed. I would like to remove my fan pulley. I already have a shorter belt that I got from ECS and my tensioner is at the limit of its travel causing a slight squeak from the A/C belt not being tight enough. So, here's my question...
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    Like the title says, I've been looking for an Electronic Cooling Fan Conversion Kit and I can't find any for the B5.5 1.8T. I know a few guys on here have been running them and that there used to be kits available, but company that I have found stopped making them. you know who still...
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    I've had this EFK sitting for about 3-4 years now. I had one chance to use it when I replaced my belts, tensioner and water pump on my 1.8T but never got around to it. The system was used once before by HvyDrkr who has since left the community. I bought it from him in a package deal. I can...
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    Edit: Double Post - Mods please delete;not sure how/why it happened
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    I’ve been away from these forums for awhile, but I finally have enough time to get organized and sell off the old parts from my Audi A4. It was a 1998.5 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro 5-speed. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on these parts as it would take too much time, but if you have specific...
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    (not the EFK but the How-to) My viscous fan clutch bearing sounds like an elephant cow in heat w/emphysema. I've gleaned a lot of info from PW over the years and figured it was time to give back w/a how to on an EFK install with fan delete. As Robbie Burns would have it - the best laid plans...
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    After extensive research (obviously not extensive enough!) I decided on this 16" Spal fan from Having wrestled w/this PIA deal all day I can safely say that this fan won't fit without trimming (of it or the stock shroud) and I'm wondering if it will fit even then. This...
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    I got a 14" Electric Fan to replace my dead/dying Viscous Fan Clutch but don't have any way of regulating its operation. Any thoughts? Any thermal sensor to hook up?
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    SPP doesn't carry one (anymore) and neither does EVOMS. My viscous fan clutch bearing is dead and I figured I might as well replace with an EFK. Can't seem to find anyone selling a kit. Any leads? I know the SPP kit was a SPAL fan. Anyone know which one? 13 inch Medium Profile or High...
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    Brand new EFK (Electric Fan Kit), never been installed. $150 shipped. Paypal verified member. Ryan
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    Just want to know what will give me more benefit or power gain. Thanks.
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    I wish I was a little more scientific when it comes to modding my Passat. Instead of performing each mod individually and then evaluating the performance gains of each one, I tend to do everything in clumps. Today I got my car back from Dubwerks with a SS Techtonics down pipe, TT SS 2.5"...
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    I'm getting rid of the Passat, so I need to get rid of some parts. All parts are for a 2003 1.8T sedan. Neuspeed Sport Springs (from S-Klass's GB) - SOLD Bilstein Sport Shocks (from Evolution Sports) - SOLD SPP Electric Fan Kit (from Supreme Power Parts) - $100 +shipping - New-in-box...
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    When installing the Spal EFK on a V6 with Tiptronic, do the ATF lines into the radiator cooler flex enough so you don't have to remove them from the radiator? I know I have to drain the radiator (remove radiator hoses) so I can swing it enough to slip in the 14" spal fan between it and the...
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    Fellow CBers - I am sorely tempted with the EFK GB and also have a yet uninstalled ECS Underdrive Pulley from a past GB. Will they go together or otherwise? Your pearls of wisdom, please :bow:
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    Has anyone installed Electric Fan Kit with an Underdrive Pulley and FMIC? Any issues with doing this? I've currently got ECS underdrive pulley and intend getting an FMIC and wandered whether the EFK would complement these items seeing as there's a GB on at the moment. Thanks, Kos
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    I installed my Electric fan kit but I do not know what wires to tap into. Can anyone help please
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    Selling the EVO FMIC, comes with everything, Samco hoses, all piping, and a perfect core..The EVo Electric Fan Kit which has the larger Spal Fan...very nice kit.. and Custom GIAC FMIC Software... $1150 shipped...Any Questions please ask