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  1. Why cant i ever effing win

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    Parents jeep liberty blew a hole in number 2 cylinder, my passat needs axles, baja runs like crap and its too cold in the morning to take to work, jetta needs wheel bearings, tires, and registration, i fired up my wrangler last night after it sat for 4 months so my mom had something to take to...
  2. my effing waggy is broke...

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    1st off specs. 05 TDi waggon 60k unitronic stage 1 chipped, and cone filter, everything else engine wise is stock. Last night when pulling into traffic (not at WOT) but hard on the throttle I heard a good POP, and then started dumping white smoke (A TON!!!) so I pulled over into the parking...
  3. ever heard of Ken Block? check this vid!!! effing sick

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    this is the sickest 4:27 video i have ever seen!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::bowdown::bowdown: out of control....
  4. Effing Coilpacks!!!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So, as you guys may or may not know, the wife and I (she is 7 mos preggo, so safety first!) got a new (to us) car. On March 22nd.......well, as she was in the process of cleaning out her Sentra for me to drive (icky) I got to drive the new baby mobile to work! On Saturday, I came up to an...
  5. Need Effing lower passenger grill

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    My F'ing lower passenger grill fell off sometime last night on the way home from work!!!!:banghead: Anyone have an extra one willing to sell me??? :thumbup:
  6. effing gorgeous

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    After have driven the 335i sedan, this must be 10 times better, I love the 3 series. It's such a nice compact car with lots of punch. I forgot, this M3 is so sexy, it might be even sexier than the BMW M5. Bella! :bowdown:
  7. Effing Doors

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    OK so the upholstery hat is on my doors is in kinda bad shape. You know i didnt pay to much attention to it went i bought the car but oh well. I need to know if any one has changed the fabric on the upholstery by them selves or did they take it some where. i guess for now it should be ok but i...