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  1. The Black Hole
    Looks like he and roccodan have more than just politics in common. John has himself a new baby girl. Was just wondering when Sharky was going to get around to posting a thread on this topic. I know he just eats this stuff up...oh, wait...wrong party. :poke:
  2. The Black Hole
    source I was watching CNN and everyone and his milkman was offended and betrayed. For chrissakes, the only people that should feel betrayed is his family. My question is, why do you Americans get so upset over things like this yet completely ignore the news of a politician being indicted on...
  3. The Black Hole
    You just can't make this stuff up!:lol:
  4. The Black Hole
    Chris Mathews said it best, "I think we need to come to grips with the fact that the liberal years are over in America." The Democratic Party in the United States is toast. The only person willing to make an optimistic statement today is Obama. Despite the media's best efforts, they lost --...
  5. USA - West
    Bryan Clayton - Edwards AFB, California I've been a VW fan since my first car at age 16, a 61 bug. I've owned a 77 Scirocco that I had to sell when I got orders to Japan. I sold it to a buddy in our car club Gruppe Wolfsburg and it was stolen while he was at a class at SDSU. Quite a few years...
  6. USA - West
    My car as it looked May 9, 2001 How my car looks now! Rotors and shoes Engine 1.8 Turbo 5-Speed manual GIAC X chip (WHOA!!) Turbo XS bypass valve Suspension and Brakes Eibach Pro Kit/ Bilstein Sport Shocks Zimmerman X-drilled rotor Mintex pads Interior...