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  1. Misc for Sale
    4/3/2 Channel Operation Specs: [email protected] , [email protected] ohms, [email protected] bridged. All specs taken at 13.8v. In good condition Hoping for $70 + Ship
  2. Misc for Sale
    Want a bad a** Head Unit for your Passat? At almost 1/6 of the original retail price? I just bought the car and it's 'too much' for me....I don't need a touch screen, DVD player and Nav for my stereo...Great price-$300! Specs: What's Included... -AVN5435 Double Din Unit -Navigation DVD -All...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    How are they. Good features? Compared to a Pioneer AVIC-D3? Install wise how was the fit? I know more people probably have the 5100 or the 7000. Just seeing everyones opinion. I have yet to see a pic of one installed on a b5 or b5.5. I have a b5.5
  4. Mobile Electronics
    HEY ALL this is not an ad, but a research question as most of the crutchfield crap says it will not fit my car, and that pisses me off. especially when most of them will under the double-din type. all you do is remove your original and then the middle spacer... presto... heres the link to...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Im debating on one of these two navi/multimedia stereos for my b5.5. and wanted to see if any of you guys own any of these and what tell me how they are. also it says in crutchfield that they dont fit my double din but i think their on crack, but it does fit thought right? what kind of harness...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    Its time to update the headunit in my denali, and i have it narrowed down to 3 headunits, Kenwood 8120, Alpine IVA-W505, or eclipse avn 5495. both have things i like and want but i cant narrow it down any more, i've had kenwood in the past and liked the sound but not the menus on screen, i like...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    Saw one of these for sale in my area, and was wondering if it would fit into my 2003 Passat 1.8t (think its a b5.5) Also how are these head units? GUy is listing it for $420
  8. Mobile Electronics
    I recently took the face off of mine to see what the possibilities of changing the green LED's to blue but id doesn't look like something I could do. Anyways while trying to attach the face back to the unit I forgot how a little spring attaches and can't figure it out for the life of me now...
  9. Mobile Electronics
    I know it is one of Eclipse's older decks, which was part of the reason I got it (8v preouts, time alignment, dsp, etc.) but I would like to hook my iPod up to it ideally. Is this possible? I dont think Eclipse's iPod interface works with this model, is there any other way to do it? TIA -Jordan
  10. Mobile Electronics
    So, my old HU's right channel seemed to have died, so I purchased a new HU to resolve it, but I still have the same problem! I did some experimenting and this is what I've found: When Using HU as Source: • A whining noise when ignition is switched off (disappears when key is still in, but not...
  11. Mobile Electronics
    I have searched this whole forum to no avail... 2005 Passat TDI Wagon The lady wants the Eclipse 5510 or 6620 double din navigation. I haven't ordered it yet, but have ordered the install kit, which I now have...
  12. Anything Auto i think this is a good step for mitsubushi, and a good comeback for the eclipse. the last one was kinda of disappoint ment compared to the 16g turbo'd eclipses.
1-12 of 73 Results