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  1. PES Supercharged B5.5 Dyno tuning

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've got a 2002 Volkswagen Passat PES charged wagon, and Im trying to source an AWD dyno tuning shop in the Midwest, does anyone have any info or had any experiences with some dyno shops you'd recommend? any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dyno pulls. Post your actual pulls with pics of your proof. NOTHING OFF TOPIC.

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    So I was out at Raceline USA today in Temple City CA. I wanted to get an idea of what my stock 2001 Passat has as far as power goes, it is a 5 speed fwd 1.8t with 141,436 at the start of the session. My highest horsepower and torque were on the same pull. This is my base, soon to begin my build...
  3. Commin mods + dyno run videos / results

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just ordered my light weight pulleys. Audi B5 A4 Quattro V6 30v Engine Pulleys ES#3084 Lightweight Crank Pulley - Black - 001551ECS01A-01 Also gutting the pre-cats and bridging O2 sensors. With all the existing mods (resonator delete, K&N custom CAI, Magnaflow performance series low...
  4. finally a dyno of my car 275tq 220hp to wheels!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    finally a dyno of my k04 aeb 275tq 220hp to wheels! finnaly decided to go get the dyno done and see where im at, 3 runs 1st run 257.4 tq at 3400rpm and 216hp at 5400rpm 2nd run 274.3 at 3600rpm and 219.6hp at 5700rpm 3rd run 259.9tq at 3400rpm and 199hp at 4800rpm( I think heat soak came...
  5. 223 whp 245tq- Mustang Dyno- k03 1.8T

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    2003 1.8T FWD 107,438 miles 20 psi peak boost 3" CAI 2.5" turbo back with high flow cat Motoza 1+ tuned Bosch Ev14 42LB injectors FMIC
  6. 2000 passat 1.8t dyno #'s

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    first off i have a 2000 passat 1.8t atw 5 speed manual with these mods -baileys diverter valve -2.5in ebay fmic w/dv relocation -2.5in exhaust cat back -k&n drop in filter -18"rims gear pulls all start from 3000rpm 2nd gear-128.20hp max speed 59.55mph 3rd gear-134.20hp max speed 89.10mph 4th...
  7. they did what to a $60,000 dyno?

    Anything Auto
    I don't think this is a repost. Really shiny, and a really HUGE exhaust system. Matt:taz:
  8. My B5 2.8 4MO Tip Dyno.

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    Went to an Audi Dyno day and they had an open spot, so I decided to embarrass everyone with my stock wagon :P 146K, 2.8, Tip, 4Mo. Completely stock. Top half rebuild around 94K. 89 Octane in the tank. Final numbers were 153HP/166TQ to the wheels on a Mustang Dyno. It was far more than expected...
  9. B5 TDI dyno

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    Started with 90hp, add BV-43 turbo, T4 nozzles, cam, clutch, tune and smoke. Torque is higher now.
  10. New dyno results.

    Dyno Forum
    After some simple bolt ons... This is a tip-tronic so i figure I'm loosing 20-25%. Sent from my PG86100 using AutoGuide App
  11. dyno tuning a passat? Can it be done on stock ecu?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So, I'm relatively new to VWs and passats. My question is can a 1999 vw passat be tuned on a dyno? I'm curious because the chip is $400, and from my experience, not one tune fits all, I mean it may be close to perfect, but mail order tunes or in passats case, chips, are usually on the very safe...
  12. jhorkey's K04 Dyno

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  13. Video: Hennessey Venom GT rocks the dyno, spits fire

    Anything Auto
    Thought you guys should see this... Wow.
  14. dyno time

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    finally getting on the dyno tomorrow. :wrench: finish up my tuning on my car and get some numbers. here are some of the parts and am still working on fabricating some other parts. not going to release to to much info on the set up just the picture to tease you all
  15. tiptronic GTRS elim dyno

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    Well, here's part one of my tip vs 5 speed driveline loss series. Part 2 will be after the 5 speed swap. The runs were done at about 19 PSI on the stock SMIC (which by runs 4 and 7 was completely heat soaked). So with a proper FMIC and another 2-3 PSI I imagine that there is some more power to...
  16. visited the dyno again

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    went to visit the same dyno that i dynoed the passat when it had the 28rs (dynoed at 256whp and 240wtq) this time it made 309whp and 254wtq at 18psi the "new setup": 50trim .63ar ex housing (journal bearing) CX racing FMIC VR6 throttle body Tapp/Eurodyne 630cc software with the A8 MAF Im happy...
  17. WI/Chicago dyno tuning services

    USA - Central
    I'm really thinking long and hard about the new frankenturbo setup. If I get the kit, is there a shop in SE WI or Chicago that can do the tuning? I'm not all that familiar with how tuning the VAG cars goes, I mostly see off-the-shelf programs. Can my 2004 1.8t 4motion get custom tuned on a...
  18. Updated dyno results!!!

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    Now to the fun baby finally dyno'd!!! They did about 8 pulls. Mike Ngo (the owner of Eurowise, Inc.) ran the car to about 7300rpms watching the AEM TruBoost controller (making minute adjustments to get optimal boost pressures) and the AEM wideband A/F gauge (for any possible "Kaboom"...
  19. Dyno day with my Audi S4

    Anything Auto Thought a few of you who aren't familar with my S4 build thread, might be curious to see a little vid from some dyno runs we did today. All in all, a great day. Both myself and my friend were extremely happy and impressed with the results, and we've...
  20. Passat 1.8t dyno in turkey

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    ıt's my 98 passat aeb 1.8t engine dyno sheet :thumbup: tune list:pschiptuning map-kkk k04-23 cupraR turbo-5bar fpr-aem dry flow filter-3"maf housing-forge dv007p-2.5"turboback exhaust-hks evc5 1.7bar 235hp 216whp 355nm thanks for your comment...