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  1. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Any one know where to get these or is it a custom job ? I've seen the odd video about but never get a answer to where to get them
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    05 V6 4mo disabling dynamic shift (sport mode) I tried to code my 05 V6 4 motion wagon and have been unsuccessful. My original coding is 1102, I tried both 1112 and 1132 both said rejected out of range. Anyone else have this issue? Also for those who have done this will it keep the trans in a...
  3. Parts For Sale
    hey guys. ready for a new look, so im selling or trading these. they are in good shape id say 8.5/10 condition. the specs are 5-112 lug pattern, have hub centering rings, 17" by 7" et38, they are super lightweight, lighter than the tires on them. I noticed a dif in acceleration when I switched...
  4. Parts For Sale
    first things first ill have the pics of thes up tomrw, so im sorry to all who hate to open a thread to find no pics as i am one of them, i just went to look at my memory stick and realized i had non on there. fret not tho because im a man of my word and they will be here tomrw so feel free to...
  5. Anything Auto
    Dynamic Auto West is a new store that sells Superformance cars ( Cobra, Daytona Coupe and GT40 replicas) and can sell genuine Carroll Shelby cars too. The also do a lot of old vintage car restorations as well. The 1937 Packard was a beautiful example. Imagine a straight 8, no seat belts and...
  6. Anything Auto
    Anyone know anything about this thing? I know it's pretty old technology, but I picked one up for a few bucks and want to play around with it. It looks like it's unused but there is no user manual. Anyone know where I might get one? Valentine no longer supports it.. TIA
  7. Dealerships and Service
    Just want to relay a very HIGH quality shop for any engine related work, fabrication, pretty much anything. They took good care of my Passat while it was there for some engine work. They might not have the lowest price, but their work is top notch. You might even see a race car in there when...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    I have one 10" IDQ sub and 6.5" a/d/s components. Both have a phoenix gold amp powering them. I have found that there is a frequency gap between what the spekers put out, and what the sub plays. It sounds as if the sub is only playing the lowest frequencies, and struggling to do that. I played...
1-8 of 14 Results