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    Hello Im having a weird problem, yesterday i took my passat b6 to a dealer that supposed to install this unit without any problem, but since dealers here are inexperienced i've got a WEIRD problem. first of all, the green wire of parking brake when i ground it the dvd is working, if i put the...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    hello, i have a KVT-617DVD Kenwood 1-DIN In-Dash DVD player recently installed and i dont want to mess around with the parking brake to play DVDs does anyone know how to bypass the handbrake with a toggle switch? thank you.
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    Figured I would see if anyone here would want any of these before I put them on ebay. $4.99 each plus $3.85 shipping (usps priority). I will combine shipping. Paypal Down to Earth Barber Shop Nutty Professor II Dr. Dolittle 2 Hollow Man Three Kings Mission Impossible 2 Shaft Romeo Must Die...
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