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  1. Amp Question for Dummies please

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, So i just recently replaced my old Alpine radio with a new Alpine CDE HD148BT that is rated at 50W x4. I currently have Poke Components speakers up front and a pair of Alpine speakers in back door for fill, I have a JBL GTo 75.4 amp in the trunk powering the speakers. The Amp has been...
  2. Tire Basics for Dummies
    Finding the right tire to fit on a vehicle is not easy. If you want proof of the difficulty, just look at the caravan of tire trucks that follow rally teams around the world. There are different profile tires, there are different rubber compounds and there are tire tread patterns for all kinds...
  3. K-line for dummies? Maybe a drawing?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was wondering if someone could explain the K-Line comm line a little. Does it use a chassis for a "return/common" line? oOr does it have a pair of wires? Does anyone happen to have a drawing of the K-Line curcuit ( airbag mostly). I have a Haynes manual, it's o.k. but doesn't do a great job of...
  4. Tire Pressure for Dummies

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    OK, I'm not a "car guy" -- I just enjoy driving my '04 Passat V6 Sedan and am trying to maximize my safety and experience... Despite my extensive Googling, It's been hard to get solid answers on correct tire pressure settings for this car. The sticker on the driver's side door edge says 44psi...
  5. Suspension for dummies

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, We keep on talking about slamming cars, hardening the ride and getting coils vs sport sets. I got a really stupid question: what are the separate functions of shockers and springs? ATTENTION!! the following is merely hypothetical!! Let's say, we change either shocks or springs. What...
  6. Please Explain TBA for Dummies

    New Member Introductions
    Disclaimer: I have searched. I understand this is an extremely popular topic. Everything that comes up on searches are discussions on how to use VAG-COM and are already over my head. I am a Ford Truck guy, the Passat is my bro's. Please excuse my ignorance towards electronics. Can someone...
  7. CAN-bus for dummies

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    changed abm, ccm and tcm, now at 19 CAN gateway I get 01312, 01314, 01321 and 01315, will my vag-com straighten this out? How is it done? My first 1.8T gasser need some enlightenment, car hesitates on acceleration
  8. Missing Bulbs or "Dummies"?

    B5 Garage
    So when I get the 1999 GLS V6 /Tiptronic from my brother (his daughter was putting around in it for last 2 years) one of my first items to attack was the crunched right front corner. Next up the cracked left rear tail lamp lens. My brother says the bottom outside socket is a "dummy" socket. I...
  9. Car Hacks & Mods for Dummies

    Anything Auto
    has anyone ever read this book? or this one? just looking into playing with my ecu
  10. Dummies Guide to VAG-COM?

    Hi, I got VAG-COM a few weeks back and it works OK but I am not getting enough out of it because there is no user manual. Is there anything available like the "Dummies" Series? I got a copy of ElsaWin from E-Bay but it doesn't help much. Thanks in advance. Bob
  11. VAG Com for dummies

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just got my new shiny vag cable from autonostics. I didn't research very well apparently. I had no idea that "just any old cable" wouldn't work. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to make this crap usb cable work with any version of software. I did search, but I am not computer literate...
  12. VW Engines for Dummies

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Are there any diagrams/Pictures that show what each part of the engine is/does (schematic?) that I can download from the internet. I'm very interested in doing some mods (changing DV valve and the like) but first I need to know where each part fits in the grand scheme and what the part does...
  13. Rotor/pads install for dummies. Rough Draft for Info Forum t

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Rotor/pads install for dummies. Step by step info inside. Im not sure if anyone done this yet, figured it would be nice since this Q gets asked alot. And we can also save our fellow B5ers $750 off dealer price. PLEASE READ: Do at your own risk. I make no guarantee regarding the above...