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  1. Hello from Dubai

    New Member Introductions
    Hello every body, I am new here, my name is Chris, and I live and work in Dubai, my car is a Passat 5.5TDI, and I love it :D I am looking forwards to be a part of this forum, wish all of you the best. Chris Yacht Rental Dubai
  2. Dubai

    The Black Hole
    As usual, a pretty painted picture doesn't tell the whole story. Seems like it is more extreme then their "wealth" (if you even want to call it wealth). :icon_eek: ' Call me ignorant, but this is...
  3. One Pic, One Word: Chrome SLR in Dubai

    Anything Auto
  4. Building one in Dubai and Moscow... but WE won the wars? LOL

    The Black Hole
    There was a time when Americans would have the best and newest. Now we have junk made in China. The best part is the sheepeople think we beat the Soviets and they call people in Dubai negative names. Lucky for most they have their NFL and their Bud. Sheesh...
  5. Ooooo! Dubai co. backs out of ports ...

    The Black Hole
    ... not good news for Mr. Prez. Whether or not there was a valid concern about security still remains unanswered.
  6. 2003 dubai auto show

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    somebody posted this over on the car lounge check it out, make sure u see all 12 pages: